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I typically hate Yakuza games as to me they are the Japanese trying to make a Grand Theft Auto game.

However Yakuza Like a Dragon is literally a JRPG with turned based comment and a serious story. In fact I am a couple hours in and this baby is one of the most serious story games I have played in a while.

Oh did I mention the reason why its turned based because the 'Hero' literally sees himself as a Dragon Quest character and all he talks about is his love of Dragon Quest.

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I like it a lot, I just got to chapter 7 last night, and, with the other yakuza games, I would tend to avoid combat, because it was just repetitive button mashing, but with this game, I seek out the fights so that I can keep leveling up!

Also, the side stories get pretty silly, have you not encountered the Yakuza patriarch who forced his whole clan to wear diapers and act like babies?!

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Yes 😂 The game reminds me a lot of Persona and South Park RPG

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Then it goes to my list of wanted games, I need to buy the XSS first.