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TIL that there's such a thing as a Reddit Masstagger, and our subreddit (and all its users) has beeen tagged as an "far-right hate group"

Considering that one of the creators of the Masstagger is a self-professed communist and a moderator of their sub is also an AHS mod, it goes to follow that all of us have a big red bullseye painted on us whenever we go on Plebbit.

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After the Frank Cho vs. Greg Rucka mess over Cho's WW covers, I was already expecting this result. I bet the story of this issue's from Rucka too.

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To be fair Rian Johnson is talented. I plan on checking out *Knives Out * since I think its well made. The problem with Johnson is that he's become a jerk to SW fans and didn't treat them respectfully after all the criticism of TLJ. This only emphasizes the need for producer supervision on franchise-driven movies, like on the MCU, but even this is a hit-or-miss approach.

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Just registered here. Thanks guys for the effort!

BTW if the sources are true (given the evidence I am inclined to believe it), Anita never really believed in what she spouts. She's a con artist who found a way to produce easy cash and spotted an exploitable vulnerability, and taught people like Chelsea how to do the same.