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I really liked the first Dishonored game but holy fuck did they drink the Sarkeesian Kool-Aid after that. They bring back the evil bitch from the DLC as the main villain with a flimsy excuse, they make Emily a main character even though it makes zero sense, they double down on trying to make Billie Lurk a thing even though she's boring as fuck, and they do their best to shove the male characters out of the picture or depower them.

And that's the important thing to realize: it's not just having female characters but they take female characters and trash established male characters in order to prop up the female characters. The games had great worldbuilding and then they completely squandered it because another thing about SJW games is how unimaginative and uncreative they are so they gotta recycle and paint over what already exists.

This all came out of Sarkeesian bitching that this game that takes place in basically steampunk Victorian England doesn't have Strong Whamen characters and also how dare they showcase that many young women were made vulnerable by being forced to prostitute themselves in order to afford anti-plague elixirs.