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Removed for Rule 7 - self promo. Given your prior warning this is being escalated to a ban.

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The important thing is that the rednames ignored the actual issues raised in the post, but acted on the critical problem: protecting their feelings.

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One of the writers had said it was being shut down, then he issued a sort-of retraction.

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Removed for Rule 3 - no whitelist

Removed for Rule 4 - no video summary (video is over 5 minutes)

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Removed for being a social media hot take - and almost three years old.

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This doesn't pass Rule 3, it's just a celebrity ranting about transgenders. As such I've removed the post.

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Just for future reference:

Don't make serious calls for violence against individuals or groups. If you're joking, please make clear you are joking so we don't have to slap you for it.

You're mostly fine with this, just make sure to lean to the obviously joking side if you repeat that in the future. Thanks!

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You do realize this is the GamerGate group, right? We're fighting this in our area, in our way, because we can't take on the whole world at once. We can take on one corner of it, and hope that others lead the charge in their own areas.

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"Speak softly, and carry a big stick" isn't just a nice turn of phrase.

What goes does it do to scream into the void over some rando on Twitter saying something you don't like? If all you do is scream, eventually people tune you out.

It also burns out the users who participate in that, who eventually don't even remember why they're mad, just that they're mad. You see a lot of this among the people on 'the other side' - they move from one outrage to the next, with little thought as to why...much like an NPC.

Make no mistake, the NPC meme was effective because it was true for so many...but it is true on both sides of the debate. There are powerful forces that are just as ready and eager to use Gamergaters or Trump supporters for their own ends as they are to work with SJWs or Marxists.

Don't be mad because someone told you to be mad. And don't mistake screaming as being more effective than quiet resistance.

For example, you may have noticed that 2K Sports plans to raise the price of NBA2K21 to $70 for the next gen consoles. Which would be a more effective form of sending the message to Take-Two that the price increase isn't welcome; screaming about it on the internet, or not buying the game at all?

Mortal Kombat 11 further toned down the female characters, which upset some people quite a bit. Was screaming about it on the internet all that effective? Because sales wise, it was the fifth best selling game of 2019. That means that NetherRealm can safely ignore the screaming, because the sales tell the real story.

But hey, screaming and raging pointlessly into the ether is easy, and actually resisting is hard.

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Hard to do that when Sony won't. Sony doesn't appear to even have a similar system in place.

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Smart Delivery is optional, the publisher has to opt-in.

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The folks at KiA2 want a more broad list of posted topics on the general culture war. We've tried to keep more of a gaming and journalism focus. To each their own, personally.

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I finished Sakura Wars recently (the reboot) and enjoyed it. I still need to play the FFVII Remake but don't want to jump into that just yet, so I may futz around with some older stuff for a while.

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BlackLivesMatter is on our temp blacklist - post removed.

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Reddit management likely expected this. The users crying for censorship, yeah, they expect everyone to just go away.

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