Happy New Year.

Good tidings and all that jazz.

What are retro 90s Microsoft Products you feel should be reborn or given new life similar to their Flight Sim they are still maintaining strong updates with? I'm hoping we have a rebirth to Microsoft Train Simulator as they started to work on a 2 but cancelled.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruEYcheJpzI

Here is the first:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rudxKE06qQE

I'd also love to see a Midtown Madness reborn maybe with a different focus and perhaps Monster Truck Madness given new light,etc. They could also bring back their Road Map software and other office stuff.

MS made a HUGE library of their own publishing often partnered with other companies. Xbox was NOT the first thing they did. OH NO! That has twisted a whole generation around in their thinking whom never saw any of this.

1996: edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gMC_uFdcWE 1998: edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_DninpA9mA 2000: edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA037sJ7CD4 I honestly didn't know it went quite this far!

Of course he is. (media.communities.win)
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Just doing a politics check before I give them my money. Obviously, the splash screen and emphasis on combining cultures seems a little like SJW red flags, but not, on their own, enough to really push it one way or the other. Anyone know anything about the studio or game beyond that?


We've all had our fair share of disappointments these last few years. A popular game series has an anticipated sequel, and it's impact is damaged by unwarranted nannying from the game itself, or its vocal staff on Twitter. Which game series did you like, that had a poor sequel?

One of mine is: The World Ends with You: Neo. Apparently it's dub is aggressively political? For my own health, I'm not reading that.


I decided to practice what I preach and set up a new federated, censorship-resistant online community for members of KiA as well as any general enthusiasts of gaming and nerd culture. Feel free to sign up and spread the word.



So a few years ago I wrote several articles about Reddit being a disgusting platform. More specifically, Reddit had a bunch of subs openly advertising paedophilia in the text index as I set out in my article - Reddit Bans /r/PedoWorld and /r/PedoCity the Day After MHN Article.

Abandoning Reddit has been long overdue.

Given all the upheaval today, could KiA perhaps use it to advertise the KotakuInAction.win platform enthusiastically?

Recently got it for free and been messing with it in MS Teams meetings for a laugh and doing some video stuff and a buddy of mine was suggesting maybe we do Youtube sort of pop-culture discussion from the perspective of 40-somethings. I was trying to see if anyone has experience with it as I notice when I begin to talk fairly quickly it loses track and was wondering if folks have some suggestions.


So there's some recent major reddit drama at the admin level involving a recently hired admin turning out to have hired their now-convicted pedo father post-arrest during a brief journey into Britbong politics. This has completely exploded over the last couple days after posts on /r/ukpolitics were force-removed, a moderator was suspended (then later reinstated) for linking to an article from the Spectator, and there have been horrifically broad automod rules implemented which were nuking any links to that and more articles, alongside accusations made regarding this admin by name (username and IRL name).

Now, we aren't getting into the weeds on the accusations, but the overwhelming admin level response to them, including mass comment hard nukes (they show up for moderators as [removed] and cannot be reapproved at all), mass user suspensions, as well as the hard block on links to actual news sites (IIRC the Spectator, Independent, and a couple others were included) is something we cannot remotely condone. There's such a thing as a proportional response, and this from the admins is not it.

To add to the mess, we recently felt it necessary to implement a broad "no transgender discussion of any kind" policy on KiA (Reddit, not here) to head off the rather insane Anti-Evil removals and warnings/suspensions issued, including a warning issued to me personally for using the term "chick-with-a-dick" in reference to Polly from HuniePop2 as "promoting hate". When I approached the admins to get clarification on their policy, including a request for a full list of what they consider to be "trans-related slurs", I was given the run around with half-scripted answers before I asked to be escalated to a senior community team member. My request was never escalated, and it now turns out that the admin who gave me the run around was the admin at the center of all this drama. That makes the admin decision a total conflict of interest regarding actual sitewide policy enforcement.

All this put together - the bans, hard comment removals, link blocks, and the direct policy interactions with this admin - have caused us to make the decision to speak up the best way we can to make reddit take notice, by going private alongside hundreds of other subs for at least a day (we will see if it goes longer or not). We just have one benefit that most other subs do not in that we can link to a post here to more clearly explain why we are doing this, instead of just relying on a link to another post on reddit by someone who is not completely representative of our position.

A few of us will be around on and off today to maybe answer some questions, though this is almost fully in the laps of the admins to decide if they are going to continue fucking up their enforcement policies, counter to how things have been run in their own rules regarding public figures for years. Our own Rules 2 and 5 regarding personal info of people were built on the original interpretation of those sitewide rules with admin help. Going completely counter to that makes it impossible for anyone to enforce rules evenly, and the admins need to pull their collective heads out of their asses to understand that.

EDIT: So the admins sacrificed the employee on the altar to appease the masses, but failed to actually address any of the real issues this mess created around sitewide rules, automated moderation, etc. We are going to stay aimed at a target of roughly 24hours of staying private, in hopes that something gets addressed by a redname on that side of things. So figure somewhere in the 5am US Eastern timeframe, give or take, then the sub should be public again.


Just went to KiA on reddit and it's locked out in a 'private mode'. Been subbed to there for years. What's going on?

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