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Serenity Forge, the company publishing the "newly updated version" of LISA: The Painful and LISA: The Joyful announced on their website, on behalf of itself and Dingaling Productions, that both games would receive changes due to some of the platforms it will be released in, stating:

We feel confident in the direction and purpose of LISA’s content, but we also know that certain platforms have regulations that we have to follow.

True to that, the Playstation version is unsurprisingly stated to have the most modifications, changing cigarettes to candies and alcohol to soda. They say

Basically, the changes are not a big deal. despite apparently being a big enough deal they needed to be done in the first place.

But censorship is also present in every other version. The Salvation Rangers and Junior's flashback sequence will receive unspecified alterations on all platforms including PC, where the original versions were released with no problems. Serenity Forge imply wanting to reach a larger audience, stating

ultimately it became an exciting prospect to alter some content in a small way in hopes that it welcomes and includes more players.

The subreddit has been set to private for the 12th-14th of this month in the protest against the API changes and how they were implemented.

These changes are going to make 3rd party apps unviable and will negatively impact the user experience of many users that use these apps to access the site. Of non desktop users (around 50%) over 70% of the users are accessing the sub through non 1st party apps. This means a large portion of the users of the KiA sub are going to be negatively affected.

While most people can understand the requirement to update API charges with the increased use of LLM's that scrape sites like reddit for data to build their models the way that these API changes have been implemented has been in a way that will negatively impact the users.

Howdy, weltallic here.

KiA users may know me for my yearly GamerGate Retrospectives and Vivian James media archive.

My account was permanently suspended by reddit admins a few days ago (May 2023), so I'm posting my Imgur albums here for everyone, in case you want to link them yourself. If you're interested in more details about my suspension, check out my comment below this post.

Anyway, I went back to reddit and added certain KiA-safe Imgur albums into my GamerGate 2022 Victories postscript, but I'm including them ALL here since the .win network is not subject to reddit's rules, so I can post the ones I wasn't allowed to, meaning those featuring trans content and Cuties.





Gaming & Pop-Culture:




College Humor (Dorkly)



Game Informer







Mary Sue


PC Gamer


Rotten Tomatoes



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Twitter (GG)

Twitter (Elon


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#GamerGate #NotYourShield


#NYS (Ladies Night)

A Heartfelt Apology from Lizzyf620

Champions of Diversity

False Flags, Fake Tweets, Alt Accounts & LIES!

FTC using KotakuInAction as Evidence

GamerGate Parties are BEST parties

Honey Badger Brigade (Calgary Expo)

Sad Puppies - Hugo Awards

William Shatner



America Chavez

Captain Marvel

Charlie's Angels (2019)



Cuties (KiA-safe)

Doom (2019)

Ghostbusters (2016)

Joker (2019)


Strange World



Cowboy Bebop

LotR: Rings of Power

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Ms. Marvel

Santa Inc.


Star Trek: Discovery

Thundercats Roar

Velma (Mindy Kaling)

Warior Nun


Comic Books

America Chavez

Goddess Mode

Iceman... gay?



New Warriors (2020)



Spider-Woman vs Spider-man (pose)

What If... Miles Morales Became Thor?


Video Games

Assassin's Creed Origins

Carmen SanDiego (OG female video game villain

Kerri Hoskins (Mortal Kombat)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Nessa (Pokemon)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Xenoblade Chronicles 2



Anita Sarkeessian vs. Buffy Reboot

Cultural Appropriation

Decency - Virtual Morality Police

Female Game Devs

Japan - Kimono Wednesday

Ken Akamatsu

Mothers in gaming

Proud Male Feminists

"Comic books are exagerated! Real women don't look like that!"

Redheads Erased

Redheads Erased.mp4

Reddit Mod Busted for Framing Novelist

Soylent Grin

Woke entertainment making "history"

Women in Gaming

Women Artists

United Nations vs. Japan

Uzaki chan


Anti-GG Journalists/Devs/Pundits

Adam Sessler

Alex Lifschitz

Amir0x (NeoGAF)

Ana Valens

Anita Sarkeesian

Andrew Dobson

Anthony Burch

Arthur Chu

Ashly Burch

Ashley Lynch

Barry Deutsch / Ampersand

Ben Kuchera

Bob Chipman

Brianna Wu

Carolyn Petit

Cliff Bleszinski

Chris Kluwe

Chris Poole / Moot

Chris Plante

Christine Love

Chuck Wendig

Dan Slott

Daniel Z. Klein

Devin Faraci

Dina Karam (Mighty No.9)

Peter Bright / DrPizza

Franchesca Ramsey

Graham Linehan

Heather Alexandra

Jason Schreier

Jed Whitaker

Jim Sterling

Imran Khan

Jennifer Scheurle

Joey Cuellar

John Funk / EditorialComplex

John Oliver

Jon St. John

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon (GG)

Joss Whedon (feminist)

Joe Bernstein

Kate Leth

Katherine Clark

Laura Kate Dale

Leigh Alexander

Leslie Jones

Manveer Heir

Mark Bernstein

Mark Di Stefano

Matt Hickey

Max Temkin

Nathan Grayson

Palle Hoffstein

Patrick Klepek

Peter Coffin

Phil Fish

Rami Ismail

Randi Harper

Robert Workman / The DCD

Robert Marmolejo / UnseenPerfidy

Ryan Broderick

Ryulong (Wikipedia)

Sam Biddle

Sarah Jeong

Sarah Nyberg / srhbutts

Sceptic Feminist

Scott Kurtz

Spacedad (Something Awful)

Spencer Crittenden / Sixler

Stephen Colbert vs. Star Wars Kid

Tauriq Moosa


Tim Schafer

Tristan Cooper

Veerender Jubbal

Wil Wheaton



James Gunn

Jussie Smollett

Kurt Eichenwald

OK Hand Gesture

Sarah Silverman

Stephen King



Gatekeeping isn't just a necessity against sjws, old school prudes, cosplaying onlyfans bitches and anime "fans" who always talk about what shouldn't be allowed or but also certain people who claim to be anti-woke.

Nerdrotic, HeelsVsBabyface, Ryan Kinel, ItsaGundam, other Friday Night Tights members, Yellowflash2, ThatUmbrellaGuy, Literature Devil, Razorfist, YoungRippa and Clownfish TV (add any others you know about)They've watched anime but admit much of it isn't for them which is fine.

At least when it concerns the mainstream crap and some gems like Berserk they'll defend it but when you bring up stuff like hentai and girls in the -18 range they get squeamish and non-committal (excluding ItsAGundam, at the moment if the topic is brought up he just says he doesn't like it and moves on which is fine, neutral is fine). I get some of them have kids but if you can't understand enjoying fiction doesn't make you an latent criminal then you're a possible backdoor to another gamergate.

Nick Rekieta and Drexel, both having kids, have spoken about loli. Rekieta because I assume was a lawyer has argued against it personally, doesn't want to ban it but has also shifted how he speaks about anime to be less antagonistic likely to retain viewers, Drexel flat out said loli fans are pedos in denial. Fuck him.

Then there's ThatStarWarsGirll, all she ever mentions liking is Redo of Healer because of the rape (cool). You'd think that makes her trustworthy but she's like her flashcast alumni. The major red alert with Anna is how frequently she interacts with brittany venti who's very vocal about wanting anime censored for her preferences and has a dumbass simp army ready to push her views. Additionally TSWG does cosplay which attracts the same simp crap that has idiots latching on to a girl then spreading pro-censor views just like venti.

What sparked this post is the attendance of most of those mentioned at Anime Matsuri including venti strutting around with her tits out while complaining about anime fanservice.

At this point of those I mentioned only venti and drexel are two to explicitly boot out, rekieta is on the edge. Clownfish TV to not show any ecchi/hentai to since Kneon and Geeky definitely aren't on board with ecchi/hentai, they're the next most likely to eventually side with the prudes (but they end up making a video about it anyway then lean towards the pro-censor side while trying to stay pro-creative freedom). yellowflash2 in my eyes is a grifter, he may watch some anime but he'll gladly side with the prude censors while claiming to be anti-censorship. The rest are more of a "be careful about which fun spaces you lead them to".

It's fine that they don't like what I like but they're looking for a new space after hollyweird ruined their franchises with alphabet insanity and I fear will inflict the same harm upon anime that hit stuff like star trek and marvel comics.

09/04/2022 Adding more - Hero Hei... not sure about him, he at least admits he's not into loli or the more fun stuff but I feel he would join the prudes someday.

Rev Says Desu, definitely don't trust, he's similar to Hero Hei but worse. First his deleted video about Genshin impact vs black history month; some white girl says she cares more about genshin impact than black history month. Hell I'm black, I've never cared about black history month. She later bent the knee but Rev's response (caring more about your media than some glorified month) was retarded, I'm not obligated to care about BHM.

Next is his recent response to hololive drama concerning Ouro Kronii and fans shipping the girls and holostars guys. The expected drama sparked there because it's fucking idol culture but he's supportive of restricting creative freedom to "respect" what the creator is comfortable with. That's a load of crap, should we suddenly start respecting nintendo's wishes to stop making hentai of Pokemon's Ash and one of the many pokegirls, hell no. Additionally hololive already shows their hypocrisy with the dozens of approved lesbian ships around before holostars appeared.


Literature Devil: He does a friday stream labeled "weeb day" but rarely ever stays on topic. That's not the issue here, the issue is he's obviously using anime as his new stronghold against wokeness but he knows jack shit about most anime, his knowledge is at normie level. He and his guests are definitely the type to join the prudes if the topic of loli hentai ever comes up despite claiming the be the types to live and let live.


Should've added these dipshits a while ago. The podcast of the lotus eaters who push traditional cuckservative values, this video lays out why they're never to be trusted in anime affairs

but if you don't want to watch the short version: carl and his hosts want to end anonymity on the internet, spout the usual loli hentai is cp bullshit and in that video are attacking mastodon for having servers that contain loli hentai.


Geeks and Gamers who are part of the yellowflash2/nick rekieta/nerdrotic clique recently spoke against loli ecchi and figurines proving that group only planted themselves into anime circles using garbage like anime matsuri because they lost their precious star wars and now want to do the very same thing that happened to western media to anime/manga and its related media. Push back against these retards


This one was well overdue, OtakuDaiKun. He does call out anime/manga/game censorship frequently but he's another one of those "I support freedom of expression but..." when it comes to loli ecchi/hentai. Then there's that thing he does with his female vtuber model, that makes one wonder if he's all there mentally.

You may have seen this tweet before from VG247, which has been making the rounds on Twitter:

Direct archive:

This article is made by Alan Wen, a "contributor" for VG247. Essentially, the premise of the article is that Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) doesn't really focus on and give enough depth to Japanese culture, degrading GoT to a "superficial cultural toruism [sic]". However, as I said in the title, he actually has a massive hate streak specifically for GoT.

Notably, two of said game's directors were actually made ambassadors to said island, despite not being Japanese themselves, and, for most people, that would actually be sufficient to counter the article above to demonstrate how much the game is loved both in the Japanese community and how much attention was given to the location itself.

But that wasn't sufficient for me, and I had the (unfortunate) idea of doing a dive into said person.

First is the fact that Alan Wen actually has a review for the game:

He gives the game three stars, which pretty much means that he sees the game as average. You can read the article for yourself, but the important bit is not the review itself; it's the date of the review (July 14, 2020).

If we look at his Twitter account, there are notably two tweets from him that stand out against GoT:

But Ghost of Tsushima could be pretty cool. Just a shame it’s not a Japanese dev. Sounds a bit racist I know #SonyPGW 4:49 PM · Oct 30, 2017

Plus absolutely cannot deny the distinct Japanese aesthetic, so [Sekiro] really could be the Japan-inspired [From Software] game I’ve been wanting (and forget about Ghost of Tsushima, this is the real deal here) 10:20 AM · Dec 8, 2017

Notice how these tweets are several years before the game is even out. Also note that this is even before the time when the same game, developers, etc., were memorably labeled as racist for having an actual master of the shakuhachi flute for a presentation of an E3 demo because said performer was a white guy, meaning that this guy actually hated the game when it first premiered (GoT was announced in October 2017, and the performance was for E3 2018).

Now, you may think he actually is one of those kooky journalists who thinks Japanese things should be made in Japan and should not be produced outside of Japan (he even made one of these tweets to "promote" his article for VG247), but that is actually not the case.

Trek to Yomi looks terrific, the samurai game that Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t

Okay, forget Tsushima, [Trek to Yomi] looks like my kinda samurai game

Trek to Yomi is a currently-in-development side-scroller distributed by Devolver Digital, directed by Leonard Menchari, and produced by Flying Wild Hog. In case you haven't seen the trailer, it is a game heavily designed after classic Akira Kurosawa films, complete with epic samurai fights gawd, I want this.

By the way, Flying Wild Hog is a Polish developer. In case you don't understand the implications, other than the different gameplay genre, Trek to Yomi has the same premise as GoT (Western developer literally making a love letter to Akira Kurosawa films and even getting Japanese VAs), but have completely opposite reactions from Alan Wen.


If you think this guy is a newbie to mining for that SEO gold, here's a blog post from February 2016 (that is now deleted):

10 Hours as Leigh Alexander – The Notso Harrowing of a Female Games Journalist

which features this line:

So I decided I would formally catalog, all @ mentions toward Leigh Alexander, not just a woman in games (and we know how terrible their online life is) but one who has constantly spoke about how gamers, particularly the fanatical boogieMAN that is GamerGate, treat women so terribly in games on twitter.

I'd like to make a short tldr on his ban reason but as you can see, certain term is not allowed to be mentioned on this sub, hence for the reason please visit his sub for information.

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