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I think it started earlier than that. But what it has been called has changed over time. I think it started properly in the 90s.

The excesses of the 80s "greed is good" mentaility had a backlash especially after the Black Monday stock market crashes in the 80s. Combine that with the racial tension of incidents like the Rodney King and subsequent LA riots. This era saw the rise of affirmative action.

Affirmative action was the seed that more extreme demands for "equality and equity" sprung from. No longer was it just necessary to have programs that made it easier for certain demographics to get into entry level positions but their became a demand for equal representation across all levels of society.

The prudes of the 80s with the satanic panic morphed into suddenly seeing social justice as their new cause. Suddenly instead of satanic symbols and swearing being the target of their ire it now was anything that didn't conform to their new religion of social justice. Original Sin was replaced with privilege, heresy was replaced with -phobia and -ist, hair shirts/fake piousness replaced with virtue signalling. The pearl clutchers of society had found their new cause and they have parroted it for almost three decades now. Social justice is just the new puritanism.

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No, if we want people to come here we actually need to put effort in here and it's obvious that hasn't happened. We need to do a bit of work cleaning things up here first before sending people here

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Its looser there isn't any trans topic ban crap, and we don't have to remove "offensive" words like retard that seem to get up reddits craw.

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FYI: The communication has been that all the bots and moderation tools that are used on the site will be unaffected and have whitelisted things like the bots that autoban people for participating on our sub.

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He said that he doesn't think trans should participate in women's sports. It was over the Lia Thomas stuff... it was a fairly mild take.

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This is a formal warning for idpol.

Please be aware while this is the lifeboat forum some rules still apply.

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I was thinking more like links to illegal content/photos like this admins father would have liked. They can take a database level capture of the comment and forward that to police. Problem with removed comments is that people browse using things like reveddit, you don't want them able to access that content either.

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Just to add the admins have also been editing user comments as well removing the text of the comment and replacing it with "[removed by Reddit]"

Editing comments IMO is something that should only be done to remove illegal content

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I think this is where most people are misinterpreting him a bit.

He isn't saying that playing games occasionally as a hobby is that bad but its when it is done at an amount where it becomes detrimental to other parts of your life.

This seems like an overreaction to me.

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I'm not the biggest fan of rage bait that makes up a bit of TheQuarterings content but this seems like a disgruntled backer throwing as much mud as they can.

If writers haven't been paid for published work or paid based on their contract then I'd want to hear from them rather than a guy with an axe to grind.

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While I respect your opinion I disagree with it.

Issues I had with TLJ:

-the out of place humour
-4th wall breaking jokes
-General Hux's cartoonish incompetence
-the horrific space tactics
-massive plot holes
-the reveals all being "oh ok, well that was underwhelming"
-Rey's severe lack of character development
-Finn's severe lack of character development
-Snoke being a waste of time, the slowest chase scene since Speed 2: Cruise Control
-the National Lampoon's Casino Planet vacation during the chase
-Phasma jobbing again
-the new hyperspace mcguffin
-the fact if you skipped this movie the only thing you will miss is that Kylo Ren is no longer the apprentice big bad he is now the big bad, but considering the "big bad" was only this mysterious intriguing shadowy villain that they were building up in the first one and Kylo was the actual big bad in that one then even that hasn't changed.

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The fight remains the same the battefield has just expanded. The gaming journalism outlets and woke niche leftist outlets that we were pushing back from have been subsumed by the large media organisations. Instead of Kotaku and Vice being the ones attacking us its CNN and Bloomberg.

Social justice and intersectional ideologies are becoming mainstream and entering into the political sphere and to ignore it will mean by the time they start coming at us again there won't be anything we can do.

The woke scolds that have been deriding us for years now occupy mainstream media and entertainment and not just the niche nerd hobbies/culture that we have been defending all this time. Dictionary definitions are being changed, historical records are being altered and we don't do anything because it's "unrelated politics".

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They painted the whole sub with that brush not just individual posters. If they just kept it to focusing on the individual user it would have been less antagonistic but they called the whole sub and userbase that stuff for months. I understand the personal beef some mods may have with particular users (especially with some of the vitriol thrown their way from some) but that isn't an excuse to pull the same shit that was pulled on KiA by its detractors.

It has been a fair few months since any of the mods have said that about KiA2 though... or even spoke about it (publicly) really. It shouldn't matter anymore as the two subs seemed to have settled into a peaceful coexistence with both serving similar yet complementary purposes.

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The neutral simplified version:

KotakuInAction had strict moderation. Partially to try to avoid getting banned from reddit and partially to try and keep things on topic. The mods at KotakuInAction wants to keep the movement focused on video games and not the greater culture war at large. KotakuInAction2 went with lighter moderation, while still having a focus on gaming also discusses the wider cultural war as well.

KIA1 probably overmoderated and a lot of relevant stuff wasn't allowed, but KIA2 is probably a bit too unfocused and a little spammy at times.

KiA attempts to stay politically neutral and tends to ignore wider media and more focuses on gaming media and nerd culture media than tackling the likes of CNN and Fox.

KiA2 has a lot more lax moderation and focuses on the wider cultural war as well (the logic being that gaming and nerd culture issues are just a component of the wider cultural war so the whole thing needs to be talked about otherwise its like saying you can't see the forest because of the trees). This means the KiA2 gets more political and as most of the egregious and overt and obvious examples of unethical behaviour in media at the moment is coming from the left the sub is antileftist.

KiA mods did spend a time calling the users over at KiA2 nazi's white supremacists etc. for awhile which further polarised the divide as well as some KiA2 users making personal insults against KiA mods specifically. At the moment most people just do the live and let live stuff with a lot of people being active on both subs and some that only care about the wider cultural war posting only on KiA2 and others that only care about gaming posting on KiA. KiA2 replaced what KiAchatroom was trying to be in a sense.

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IMO it needs to evolve as the cultural war has expanded out of academia and nerd hobbies and is now infecting the wider cultural landscape. Staying focuses on only those things will make the movement irrelevant whereas evolving and taking on the social justice activists and pushing back on them in the other areas is what is needed.

Free speech is not an amendment it is a philosophical concept that needs to be promoted and protected. Unfortunately to many people only think of the US's constitutional amendment that tries to protect it from the government and don't care about protecting it and the ideals from other groups.

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I'm tempering my expectations. If its as good as Dues Ex Mankind divided and human revolution I will be happy so the bar I am setting isnt that high.

People have crazy expectations but I just want a solid RPG with a good setting and a good story. If it can deliver that I will be happy.

You might be right about the driver line ups but not to sure how it will be implemented. It might just be the current F2 lineup (so Mick Schumacher has to be my pick as a Schumey fan from way back).

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It depends on who they have as the secondaries and if you have the option of choosing some legacy drivers. At the moment Raikonnen, but I will have to do one run at least with Ricciardo, be all patriotic and make an all Aussie team.

If you can go and get past drivers or drivers in other categories then Takuma Sato or maybe Alonso.

Its the only franchise I get every year no matter what, but I'm glad they have brought in this aspect considering way back in the 90's I remember playing a PS1 game that you could do that and also still play a PC game called Grand Prix Manager that is still getting modded to this day.

Sleeping Dogs was good, a good story interesting setting and the difference in combat compared to the GTA games is fun. The driving is a bit off but overall I think its still a great game.

2077 has me worried as well, but I'm trying to ignore all the PR stuff now and hoping that some of the virtue signalling we've been seeing is just marketing and that the actual game will be largely unaffected.

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I prefer PC, but the also enjoy the convenience of a console and the portability of a switch.

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Replaying Sleeping Dogs again.

Playing FF series on the switch and just started playing Xenoblade Chronicles.

Waiting for f1 2020 as well, and also Cyberpunk. Just canceled my Bloodlines 2 preorder, them dropping Chris Avellone's contribution from the game was the last straw, there was already enough warning signs but them removing content was just a sign that they prefer virtue signaling over providing content to their consumers.

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The turning point for me was actually comedy.

When people started saying you can't joke about this or that it turned for me. When I was younger it seemed like it was the church and the right trying to get things shut down for being offensive (e.g. piss christ, mum's alliance against whatever the fuck) but as I got older it was more and more the left trying to be the censorious ones. As time went on they became more dogmatic and you needed to conform to their ideology or you were one of the evil ones.

Then I noticed more and more lies in the media. George W Bush was cast as they bumbling incompetent moron who could barely string a sentence together yet here I was watching an off the cuff speech by a guy who knew his stuff. Then Obama came along. The guy got a Nobel peace prize before even doing anything then spent the next 8 years fighting wars around the world. Easily provable lies were getting broadcast by the media as proof.

Then Gamergate and Trayvon Martin happened. GG was getting slandered full tilt by the media and despite all the allegations of how evil this place was being constantly debunked they kept being repeated by media, Trayvon's case where MSNBC edited the 911 call to try and paint Zimmerman as a racist and incite outrage against him was the final straw. The Michael Brown follow up case just proved that truth no longer mattered to these people and they were more interested in creating outrage and incite the outrage mob.

Trump and the vitriolic and irrational response from the left was just another in the long line of insanity and delusional and hypocritical behaviour.

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They won't care.

They let the mask slip with that mod news post.

Reddit claims it anti hate speech and anti violence but it has been allowing rampant cop hate and cop threats for over a month now. Every default sub is flooded with stuff like ACAB and more violent language.

The site has been given over to the lunatic fringe left.

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When the mods get CSS going and the like we will need to link to something like this for people to be able to find out what we actually are.

The people that hate us are our best advertisers but people that stumble on us seem a little lost.

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This sub is about Gamergate

The primary focus of Gamergate is on ethics in journalism with a more focused look on gaming and nerd culture topics. It discusses the encroachment of identity politics into these hobbies as well. The focus of the group is on the cultural aspect of social justice politics and their encroachment and negative effect on gaming and nerd culture.

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