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Sorry if this has been asked before, but now that we are on the .win network, is there a reason these two are still separate things?

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AnarcrotheAlchemist 5 points ago +6 / -1

They painted the whole sub with that brush not just individual posters. If they just kept it to focusing on the individual user it would have been less antagonistic but they called the whole sub and userbase that stuff for months. I understand the personal beef some mods may have with particular users (especially with some of the vitriol thrown their way from some) but that isn't an excuse to pull the same shit that was pulled on KiA by its detractors.

It has been a fair few months since any of the mods have said that about KiA2 though... or even spoke about it (publicly) really. It shouldn't matter anymore as the two subs seemed to have settled into a peaceful coexistence with both serving similar yet complementary purposes.

HandofBane 1 point ago +4 / -3

I'll just suggest taking a day to go through Dom's userpage, and look at the number of comments he removes for echo-posting, or a wide variety of other things that caused us to take the stance that KiA2 had an actual problem with the extreme end of /pol/ cutting loose to understand why we took the view that KiA2 had a problem. Part of the issue with the entirety of it is that everyone is playing telephone, taking "there is a problem with this here" as "the entire sub is nazis". While I could easily name a dozen KiA2 regulars who regularly crossed that line, at the same time I could easily name a dozen KiA2 regulars who actively fought against it.