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Some of those may get worked into the sidebar and such as we get the CSS fixed up completely, but several of those links will not be promoted for various reasons. Ralph has been placed on our "absolutely must be archived" list on KiA-Reddit for a reason, and we will never promote his shit after the massively unethical things he has done. We also aren't going to be promoting Saidit or KiA2.

The 8chan community has relocated to 8chan.moe/v/. Also, the "OpenGEM" twitter you linked is a dead account.

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What makes this stand out more is that the removal of your comment was done silently by the admins, alongside your suspension. There is nothing in the moderation logs, the last one in there is the comment which caused me to make that meta post in the first place. That means it's not showing up as being done by Anti-Evil, by a generic admin account, or by any individual admin - which they are not supposed to be doing silent removals. This shit is all supposed to be logged clearly.

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This breaks our Rule 3 - fails to hit any whitelist, and hits the blacklist item "Unrelated Politics".

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I get you want to wallow in your negativity, and are likely a shill trying to demotivate everyone associated with our community, but we made clear from day one that this is a lifeboat, not our primary site. KotakuInAction is still alive and well on Reddit, and we are not in a huge rush to get folks moved over here at this time.

We opened up early because we had been in talks with the TD admins for a couple weeks, and it would make things easier on them to have us open up in a limited state, than to have them get involved with any extra drama around why KiA2 wouldn't get this community name here.

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This is the original KotakuInAction's .win - Antonio has a post up over on KotakuInAction2.win explaining why he made the sub private. At a glance, seems to be to deal with a flood of either false flaggers or mass reporters from AHS and similar places. They had something like 5+ admin comment removals in the last 9-10 days, and appear to be not taking chances anymore.

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The mod who redirected you here did so in error, and has been yelled at for doing so. Your stuff broke reddit sitewides in a major way, and breaks our local rules here by effectively being divisive political attacks (you make no attempt at differentiating between "leftists" and our local lefties).

Your post is going to brush up against Rule 3 for hammering into unrelated politics, and can be easily read as violating our Rule 1.3 (Crusading). I'm trying not to be a total hardass here, and not issuing you any warnings or bans, but allowing this to stay up is going to end up in direct violation of our rules, not to mention it will cause massive strife and infighting by your wording effectively painting our leftie users in the same broadbrush as the people you are accusing of supporting pedos.

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Satire from a group of people trolling. It isn't real.

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I would say TLOU2 is riddled with unrelated or unnecessary political connotations.

Those games tend not to have any kind of chat function, or even multiplayer, for the most part - which is where OP was aiming his point at.

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You appear to have overlooked the unrelated politics part of my statement. If people want to have their own little MAGA group in CSGO or whatever, and aren't pushing it on anyone else, fine.

It doesn't really have any place in ARK or Crusader Kings 2 multiplayer, though. If I'm playing ARK, I'm there for the dinosaurs, not to have real world bullshit spill over into my escapism. If I'm playing CK2, the politics can stick to 10th-14th century politics, the 21st century can fuck right off. Dragging unnecessary unrelated politics over is just as bad as trying to force social justice bullshit into chat.

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I think the preference in the KiA community is to just keep all unrelated politics out of gaming, that doesn't have to do directly with the game lore/story itself. We've also got a lot of Euros here.

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I upgraded from a FX8350, and can see the difference when I'm running multiple things at once. Zero complaints about the Ryzen so far, and pricing is still fairly reasonable. Having everything work on the same socket makes life simpler if I do decide to upgrade again down the line.

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Replaced my PC not too long ago with an X570 and a Ryzen 7 3700X build. If you're looking for specific brand/part recommendations, I'd suggest watching some of the build/part list videos over at bitwit - Kyle gives some solid breakdowns on the comparison side of things (tech and pricing), and doesn't get too far in the weeds with overly technical language for folks who may not understand what he's talking about.

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Never happening. We don't want the flood of political bullshit here, and they don't want the content focus we have brought over there.

Our userbase on Reddit is still active, this is still primarily a lifeboat, not our primary site. We are still in the process of getting the backend functioning properly (and waiting on a few things the admins here are working on).

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Ours is the original, with a stronger focus on specifically gaming, games journalism, and journalism ethics - and we try to keep political stuff to a minimum because we allow people from all political leanings here as long as they're being mostly civil with each other.

The other does not have that focus, and serves a broader anti-SJW and more heavily political userbase.

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Unfortunately that's part of the CSS we need to fix. Darkmode was not native to Reddit, it was tied to RES, and a lot of the functionality in the CSS here is different, so our CSS guy has to find time between work and other stuff to get it corrected here. The site is still usable in lightmode, but I don't fault anyone for preferring darkmode in general.

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Apologies, meant to reply to this several hours ago but got sidetracked with some other things.

Sitewide policy is "please flag NSFW stuff as NSFW, and don't post illegal things". Our local policy will be effectively that with a layer of "does this post fit within the posting guidelines of Rule 3?" We may look at it more later, to determine if we need to add an extra bit of prevention to prevent the sub turning into "all gaming R34 all the time", but we will definitely be enforcing the "tag your shit NSFW if it is NSFW" side of things. One of the early things I asked for from the site admins that they implemented was the checkbox on the new post page so users can flag their own posts NSFW, so that the responsibility didn't fall entirely on us having to tag everything properly.

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Not that I am aware of, at this time. I can add it to the list of things we can look into (or if it has to be brought up with the site admins), though I can't give any kind of timeline of when such a thing would be implemented.

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Our initial rule post has the first draft of the rule adjustment. Several rules have already been thinned down, and as we get things sorted out and worded properly internally, we will likely make a couple updated posts to clarify what has changed and (when possible) why. Given that we don't have too many rules by number to further update, we will likely make announcements of updates either in collective batches, or in stages (Rule 3 may take a few revisions as we see what needs changing, what we may have failed to account for, etc.).

While we do want all the rules in one easy-to-find place, a big thing holding us back a bit is that we need to do some additional legwork behind the scenes to get our CSS, sidebar, and potentially a working wiki setup for more detailed rule explanations where people can just click one link to read them more fully for those who want to understand what the rules are and why they are written the way they are. Just having a sticky post at the top of the sub with the rule changes edited in isn't nearly as effective at it might seem, given that any updates/changes will not necessarily be obvious to someone who is skimming the front page.

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communities.win should have the full list on their sidebar. Last I heard the list was up to 7-8 total sites, with more on the way soon.

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I'll try to address your questions and concerns as best I can:

The TD reception is mixed, and we mostly expected that as it's a very clearly political site, with an obvious slant in one direction... and we are a hell of a lot more welcoming of lefties in general as part of our "political neutral ground" approach to running things. This is, of course, complicated by the strutting and poisoning-of-the-well by some of the more purely KiA2 users who got extremely upset we had a functioning .win under this name before they could snatch it away. But they'll either get over it, or finally realize that what they want is better served by completely severing themselves from the KiA name, as they hardly even talk about gaming anymore outside of the TLOU2 outrage.

Rule determination, for the time being, is consisting of the mods going through and initially thinning out the ones that are solely in place to appease the reddit admins, while retaining the ones that we had in place to keep the subreddit focused and mostly civil. Some of those rules are even seeing some change, though we expect Rule 3 to take the longest as while we can open up a bit more here, there are still some hard lines we feel necessary to maintain because some people like coming in from elsewhere to plant bait for people who aren't part of our regular userbase to come in and say really fucking stupid things which get attributed to all of us (like Stormfront-tier IDpol shit).

As far as a timeline of when they will be finished? Most of the rules are nearly in their final format, aside from Rule 3, and possibly some additional revision to Rule 1. We actually get to lighten up some on Rule 2 as we are no longer responsible for any personal info posted two clicks out, which makes it a lot easier to let articles with twitter embeds through and such. Dox and witch hunting in general is still off limits, but we don't have to be quite as harsh on things which were borderline or very confusing as to how it could be considered dox. Rule 3 may take us another week or two to get sorted out, barring other things coming up that need immediate attention.

Have we discussed a system by which the community will be involved in those rules coming about?

We may ask for some community feedback, but there will not be any voting on the rules. If we had a vote on the rules, it would end up being mass brigaded by non-regular users pushing hard for either no rules, or a total elimination of any content focused rules in the name of "let the votes decide". Since there is no possible way for us to restrict the vote to actual regular long-term KiA users in a viable, easy to manage way, we cannot treat any vote as being safe from external vote manipulation - especially with this site being public for only a week or so, and it being a bit more complicated to verify histories of users on other .win communities.

with KiA being present we need to consider that we will draw more attention to this domain; which means we may be making problems for them as people with a ideological axe to grind try hard to get the domain cancelled

This is actually going to be far less of an issue than you might think. The folks who want KiA destroyed completely are already the exact same folks who have been trying for years to kill TD on reddit. Hosting is handled by the folks running TD.win (as you could tell from the wave of "welcome" posts we got from TD users over the past week), so they aren't going to kick us off for making the exact same activist journos and SJWs mad.

The TD admins have given some credible assurances of their stability from a financial aspect, and were willing to buy the kotakuinaction.win domain for 5 years the moment we agreed to come over. All things considered, including our other lifeboat alternatives, .win was almost a miracle of right thing, right place, right time when they reached out to us. We still have some other alternatives being worked on slowly, but one of them (building our own forum up from scratch) has been put on ice to get this site fully operational and the community rebuilt.

I hope that answers your questions well enough. If not, feel free to ask for clarifications or with further questions and I'll try to get to them as I have time.

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The KotakuInAction name? Originally, when everything kicked off shortly before Gamergate started, there was a wide spread of people just finding out about the ZoePost thing which pointed out that Nathan Grayson of Kotaku had written several positive pieces (in some cases wedging it into pieces on other things) about Zoe Quinn in an effort to get on her good side and into her pants. This was a gross breach of journalistic ethics, which put Kotaku as one of the key "targets" for getting ethical reforms in place. One of the first places that didn't immediately kill all posts/comments about the issue was TumblrInAction on reddit - they decided we were overrunning them, and several mods decided to spin off to form KotakuInAction to get folks in a more focused environment. Everything kind of spiraled out from there.

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