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Don't post a call to action against someone or some group of people you disagree with.

Don't make posts like "let's give that idiot a piece of our mind!" if you come across something stupid someone said on the Internet. If you want to point and laugh, then post an archive, but engineering dogpiles against individuals or other groups will not be tolerated. The rule of thumb here is to look but don't touch. If you choose to take action offsite in direct response to something posted here, you will be dealt with as having violated this rule.

Additionally, random, stupid things said by nobodies on Twitter, Facebook, etc. should not be posted. A "nobody" is defined as any account with fewer than 2,500 followers, or anyone who does not otherwise meet the "public figure" or "limited-purpose public figure" requirements.

This is the rule you broke, the subject of your post is a literal nobody. Even if they did a thing, it's pretty meaningless.

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Still one of the better comics I've seen to describe that whole scenario.

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I'd say the easiest difference is that we're focused on gaming/journalism, they're focused on not-gaming/culture war.

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Legends adds a bunch of stuff:


You're better off reading it, it's a lot to post. It adds some QoL stuff plus new things. It's not completely balanced, it's a beta/WIP.

You sometimes get weird stuff like donkeys (pack animals) with donkey heads and human bodies. I assume that's a bug...

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I'm in talks with the other mods about setting up a thread/discord for KiA people looking to play games with each other. Hopefully we can add this into that.

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Removed for R3, no whitelist.

Technically it also gets R4 for no post content, crosspost of a thread on another sub.

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I mean... it's not wrong. And I kind of like it.

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Battle Brothers with the Legends mod. I dunno if it's worth it, but it was cheaper than normal.

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This is the "plebbit clearing house" phase of .win. sub creation will likely follow.

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I completely agree. I believe that extremists should be allowed to form whatever communities they want and be as insular in their hugboxes as they choose. I am very much pro letting people associate with like-minded individuals, and that what you do on one sub should not translate into action on everything you do elsewhere. I hope that people have learned from powermods not to trust single points of failure by putting all their eggs in one basket of a sub.

If someone was pro "socialjusticeinaction" for topics that we don't cover due to lack of focus, it would be good to make another sub specifically for that and I would support such a thing.

plebbit makes you lazy and creates the illusion that you can't make communities by manipulating you.

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While I would love to go straight into the wild wild west of old 4chan, I understand that I am not the majority. Going to .win means pretty much free speech at its finest, so long as you don't violate American laws. Going along with that is the right to decide what kind of sub you want to run and how you want to run it. Most people don't react to the reading of "niggers, niggers everywhere" with singsong like I might, and I have to accept that. First and foremost, KiA is a place for people united by commons interests: risen gamers, ethics cucks, and untrodden sneks. It's not old /a/ or /v/ reborn.

Accepting that, the general consensus is that we don't care what your opinion is on a topic, as long as you don't come on with the intent of making everybody else suffer from it constantly or openly shit on people just to troll. You wanna have the opinion that trannies suffer from a mental illness? Roll on, accept that you might piss someone off. You wanna say trannies are women, even though they're biologically men, and we should call them by their pronouns? Go for it, prepare to be made fun of in good taste by those that hold the opposite opinion.

Just don't make it the only thing you niggers do, all day, every day.

It doesn't matter what side of the spectrum you're on, right/left, commie/capitalist, etc. Keep your shit concise, keep it contained, and remember that we're here to enjoy your company, not want to leave a pinless grenade in your bunk while you sleep. It is at the discretion of the mods as to what how much is, but it should be fairly obvious in practice. The mods range from leftist to rightist to faggots like me who are pretty laissez faire with pretty much everything. Between all of us, you get the run of it, but we all agree that we're pro-free speech, and that we hate what is happening to reddit.

We also don't want KiA becoming a hugbox for radical whateverists, screaming about the invisibly obvious conspiracy that everybody is missing (pro-tip: it's all marxism) and how the mods are bought cucks, etc, especially when it's retards doing it in topics on "Why did druckmann self-insert himself into a sex scene with a tranny?"

Secret jews do not explain that level of cringe. That's the work of a soylad who has very interesting opinions on women.

So rejoice, this is free speech land. It's also "fuck off with your bullshit" land. If you start knocking people's heads, expect to get thrown out of the bar. Otherwise: enjoy the experience.

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You guys wanted free speech. We were always for it.

Show up and put your fingers where... your... mouth is?