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This guy rather infamously had loads of rumors circulating about him protecting people like Alinity and Amouranth from the consequences of their actions and playing favourites.

He was separately accused of sexual misconduct a couple of months ago.

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Just saw your post. Haven't logged in here for a few days. I should post more here. I keep forgetting.

Reason I didn't post it on prime was because I'd need to screencap and edit out all the Twitter rando usernames and it's a pain in the ass in mobile.

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Didn't post this at KiA Prime because it's full of Twitter randos.

Of course the SJWs were trying to create a false NO-ONE WAS SAYING THIS narrative, as demonstrated by this cancerous Medium article.


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Rogan's comments have been pretty polarising on Twitter.

I can kinda get what he's saying about how making video games your entire life can be a detriment that gets in the way of everything else. Yaknow, if you're playing like 16 hours a day, every day. Not many people manage to turn being a gamer into a career. That said, to use Rogan's BJJ example - how many people who train that get good enough to make money from it to the point where they train others?

I mean, since the lockdown I've been spending too much time online (now I have to self isolate for a week too because potential virus exposure - am feeling okay currently) and it's been affecting me.

Everything in moderation. Games, TV, books, whatever.

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Sorry. I thought the Twitter randos thing wasn't gonna apply here?

This wasn't supposed to be a "look at the stupid take" post. Wanted to draw attention to where the harassment was coming from...

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He/she actually apologized to Bailey.


I wonder if this is a literal kid who can't control their temper?

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At least part of what makes the Gulag work so well is the fact that it’s set in the prison showers, of all places. While the showers are clearly out of commission, surrounded by crumbling walls and broken tile, an omnipresent threat of sexual violence pervades the entire experience by virtue of its setting. As a 15-second deathmatch where even small mistakes are final, the Gulag’s stakes are already high; add in a rowdy, rock-throwing audience and a distressing sexual undercurrent and it leads to some of the most intense moments in the game.

What the actual fuck? I'm at a loss for words here. Someone help me out.

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Never really followed the guy, but my condolences to his family and friends.

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Holy cow, this is a drama bomb. Vice needed three whole bloggers.

Looks like certain powerful tech types agree that there's something rotten with the state of journalism and that they write hitpieces on people for clicks while behaving like unprofessional asses on Twitter and crying harassment when anyone fights back...


Wow, great scoop! Possibly illegal recording of @FeliciaHorowitz, @rolandsmartin, @NaithanJones, and me quotes us verbatim as standing up for founders who are harassed by NYT journalists for clicks.

Balaji Srinivasan is an interesting follow, btw. He's had some good virus takes.

This appears to be what started all this.


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Allegations are spreading in the press about the company being full of abusers. Time to hit the "emergency LGBT button".

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90% of the stuff mentioned here is accusations of a completely anonymous nature. How are we supposed to know what to think? Could be ex-employees getting their own back on a company they think didn't treat them well enough, for all I know.

This isn't journalism.

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I think I only encountered those NPCs a handful of times. I thought they were drag queens, not transgender. It's not the same thing.

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