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So, this is own content. Extraordinarily, Jessica Price is threatening to sue me for this post and for the media inquiry I sent to her clients about it. I find this extraordinary as the factual allegations are basically, me quoting things she has said. So far this is just at cease and desist stage but I find it astonishing.

Ms Price's lawyer claims my media inquiry seeking to check my facts was either defamation per se or tortious interference. I foresee difficulties with those claims. However, we can but see.

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I don't know, patriots.win does just fine. The reason I ask is that posts on the reddit.com version of KiA do not even mention this place obliquely. Perhaps they are not allowed by the Reddit admins. Maybe u/HandOfBane could clarify?

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Ironically, Eron Gjoni is the first #MeToo poster. He is just the 'wrong' sex for the SJWs. All the positives and negatives of #MeToo apply to him.

He is purportedly exposing a person who does wrong in personal relationships. His reliability is of course to be tested and considered like any #MeToo accuser. However, he has a lot of evidence in his support. There are now many men who have accused Zoe Quinn.

Alec Holowka is dead on the basis of her allegations, some of which are verifiably false, contradicted by her contemporaneous tweets. She has yet to produce the game she ran on Kickstarter or account for the funds.