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Didn’t Zoe Quinn also make a game developer kill himself a year ago after she accused him of sexual assault on Twitter with no evidence but her word? I’m pretty sure that was her anyway.

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Jesus. I thought so. What a monster. Her and Anita truly are the unholy duo for gaming. Just destroying anything video game related where they go.

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Read the first PostMillenial article. It referenced an article in Boston Magazine about GamerGate. That article mentions Alex Lifschitz, the next Zoe’s boyfriend, very supportive of her and feminism. Felt sorry for him. Decided to check his fate. And yes: https://twitter.com/brad_glasgow/status/1167259230010822656/photo/3

Alex Lifschitz, the guy that was with Zoe Quinn at the time of Gamergate, who helped create Crash Override Network... got #MeToo'd, along with Elizabeth Sampat, who was key in starting the false allegations against Nolan Bushnell.

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Hey BVolley, good to see you, how long have you been on 2.win?

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Zoe Quinn is a treacherous spider, sucking the life from all within her reach.

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That's the best insult I've ever heard.

MikePlacid 4 points ago +4 / -0

Reading Zoe Thread:

Before I found out, she’d take great pleasure in laying claim to the moral high ground at all times, denouncing anyone who would do anything she was secretly doing all of the time.

Isn’t this a one-line picture of the whole of liberal politics? I wonder why they are so similar...

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Also, she may have become a "game dev" just to get revenge on Alec Holowka (game developer who kill himself) because he broke up with her (she thought he was the one), which happened right before he hit it big.

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Don't forget she also tested the waters by cancelling a game jam before she abused Eron

Re-reading that blogpost in retrospect it's even more blatant of how much an abusive predator she is.

huntrrz 15 points ago +15 / -0

Before that she was trolling an autist forum so she could cherry pick angry responses so she could claim people were targeting her.

AnastasiusFocht 12 points ago +12 / -0

yep, harassing the wizards was reprehensible, and she's personally responsible for the suicides of many as she re-crafted the narrative around incels to be a misogyny thing instead of just a really sad group of people working through shit.

An all round horrible person with no redeeming qualities

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The thing everyone should understand is that a tornado of drama follows Zoe everywhere she goes. Everything she touches becomes a total shitfest of bitching, burnt bridges and hurt feelings. It's a recurring phenomenon that happens in her vicinity.

It should be obvious to anyone who takes a step back and looks at the timeline of events that Zoe herself is not only the root cause of every problem she has, but that ultimate outcome of most of her 'problems' is a net positive for her.

She is an internet savvy, socially savvy individual who clearly knows how to play a certain breed of nerdy males like fiddles - she has a great knack for getting guy after guy after guy to do... basically anything she wants.

Women can smell desperation a mile away, but while most women avoid such men like the plague, Zoe gravitates to them because she understands just how useful their easily swayed minds can be to her, and how easily she can take them down if they get wise to her tricks.

Zoe Crashed that Game Jam because she wanted attention that she knew she wouldn't get if it went ahead as planned. She knew she wouldn't get it, because she knows she can't make a game worth shit - not even a 5 minute flash game. What she knew she COULD do, though, was get a bunch of male nerds to rally around her for a minute chance at tapping an anime-haired gamer girl with a cyborg arm tattoo who wasn't 300lbs.

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Sometimes I wonder if things would be completely different today if Zoe and Anita never existed.

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Guess fate works like that

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If only we had a time machine, we could go back and ensure that they never be given the voices they were, by using their own bullshit as a weapon against them.

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Who knows, some day in the far future, one based king may go back and fix this mess.

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As an old school gamer , 90s kid , I cant believe what gaming has turned into. I grew up on shooters. Then all thru 2000s, more shooters. WoW, RA2, Yuris, some others.

Then some time passes and gaming gets HUGE - and obviously taken over by Fake Gamers and people who <3 RBG colors pink hair and attention.

I know girls who game. They also never talk about gaming, or rarely do. They will game for hours and hours grinding out levels.

Im so glad I was born in the 90s. I feel really bad for anyone who has to live their 20s through this version of reality. You are getting burned super hard in like 50 different ways.

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I've never managed to understand gamergate, and after reading this post, I still don't. It's like a soap opera, but lots of people's lives are like soap operas. Why would a lady probably exchanging sex for a good review of her game redpill people? Does anyone suppose that that kind of thing doesn't happen?

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A little context might help, as gaming journalism did make some small improvements in the transparency department for a while, although at this point, I think letsplayers have more or less replaced journalists as the way I get news about new video games, so I maybe things have backslid since then.

This may get a bit tl;dr, but bear with me.

Also, keeping in line with the theme of ethics and transparency, I've been an observer of the gamergate movement rather than an active participant, and I missed the original mess, so take that into account.

But gaming journalism had a problem with getting a little too cozy with devs for a long time. I used to have access to some EGM* issues from the nineties, and one of the things that sticks out in my mind is how many games got positive or neutral reviews when the games were actually "meh" or garbage. It was actually rare for a game to get less than a neutral rating unless it was from some obscure studio you never heard of. This didn't change in the 2000s, but got worse. An example of the stuff happening behind the scenes is that devs and publishers would offer journalists "sneak peeks" or early access to a game in development or about to be released with the understanding that the journalist couldn't say anything negative about the game in their review. I'm sure there are other examples, but you get the idea.

Frustration with gaming-related press was pretty high around the time that the "zoe post" came out, and it acted like a lightning rod for that frustration. Some of that frustration came out in ways that was harmful to the end goal of gamergate, but the reaction from kotaku, a leading gaming press company, pretty much pissed everybody off, even the more sane gamers at the time.

They wrote about a dozen articles across nearly every website they had, denouncing gamers as "dead" or saying that we "didn't have to be" gamedevs' "customers anymore."

That's when people started to get really pissed, and the short version is gaming press outlets started posting their ethical standards front and center. Meanwhile, kotaku lost all credibility among gamers, and it's parent organization has been passed from owner to owner for the past 5(10?) years.

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She has ugly boobz

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Ironically, Eron Gjoni is the first #MeToo poster. He is just the 'wrong' sex for the SJWs. All the positives and negatives of #MeToo apply to him.

He is purportedly exposing a person who does wrong in personal relationships. His reliability is of course to be tested and considered like any #MeToo accuser. However, he has a lot of evidence in his support. There are now many men who have accused Zoe Quinn.

Alec Holowka is dead on the basis of her allegations, some of which are verifiably false, contradicted by her contemporaneous tweets. She has yet to produce the game she ran on Kickstarter or account for the funds.

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All this because an insecure fellow from the social media generation aired some dirty laundry because he couldn't handle that a useless conniving female was acting like a useless conniving female.

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He was right to do this.

somercet 8 points ago +8 / -0

None of this. None of this stems from that.

If Eron had tripped, dropped into an uncovered manhole and been in a coma for the last six years, all of this still would have happened, just in a slightly different form.