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Get a Valve index.

Or, the Occulus Go if you're looking for a price sensitive version

Anything else will just disappoint you, either by being expensive but unimpressive, or so cheap it's insulting.

The Index is the top of the line, the Occulus Go is a good balance between cost and useablility - it also has the added advantage of not needing anything else to work, so you can just put it on a go wherever you are.

I use my Vive daily and am saving towards an Index, as the Vive is just old at this point

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This video has an opinion that reflects mine

Cuckman and Naughty Dog's responses appear to me to be bandwagoning as a method of gathering more free press/advertising for the game

Basically co-opting harassment for marketing reasons

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not in recent years no, I lost faith in the dev team pretty early on with all the drama that surrounded it

And the later stuff rarely makes sense as a Mechwarrior/Battletech game and is really just a big robots n guns type game

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yep, harassing the wizards was reprehensible, and she's personally responsible for the suicides of many as she re-crafted the narrative around incels to be a misogyny thing instead of just a really sad group of people working through shit.

An all round horrible person with no redeeming qualities

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Your first statement is very valid, there's always going to be some salty asshole in any group large enough.

Joss Wheedon is an asshole though, he's just using his woke points to hide all the cosbyplay he probably did in the past and he's petrified of it coming out.

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Discord has investment from Tencent.

Tencent is owned by the Chinese Communist Party

Once of the conditions of Tencent investment is to give them full, realtime access to all user data.

Using Discord means you are giving the CCP backdoor access to your PC.

From this they can use your PC to do various nefarious things, many of which are illegal and could probably get you in trouble from your local police.

TicTok has the same investment structure, and it's just been revealed that the app is using a number of things to "hack" the devices it's installed on, Discord is no different in potential.
It most likely is not enabled today, but the potential is still there.

And with any CCP investment comes the inevitable censorship and narrative control, just look at reddit.
Who coincidentally have Tencent investment too

And it doesn't matter how much discord management say it will never happen, all it takes is a few $$$ into the back pocket of an unhappy engineer for the codebase to be made more "compliant"

And yes, what I'm saying sounds like some Alex Jones conspiracy bullshit.
If you believe its a conspiracy I can sell you the rope Epstein hung himself with

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Which, ironically, is a well known trope of the film industry and one of the many abusive steps SJW colonialists use to belittle and marginalize people

Doing this is actually supremely racist as it reduces any person who is not white into an extremely narrow stereotype and removes agency from the character as it is most commonly portrayed

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Don't forget she also tested the waters by cancelling a game jam before she abused Eron

Re-reading that blogpost in retrospect it's even more blatant of how much an abusive predator she is.

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they literally turned Dr Who into an immortal black baby girl, the whole "we won't come for your hobbies" shtick is obviously a monumental lie

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hehe, as a kid I was a big fan of the books and the computer games.

I chose it for my .win persona as I find it rather appropriate

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For all the hate projected at the president, he really is a lightning rod for the bad intentions of various groups.

If he achieves nothing else, bringing to light the moral and ethical corruption of the media and social media companies will be a major achievement.

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Dickwolves is what made me raise my head and pay attention, then literally who and literally who2 cemented the reality of it.

I've followed the Gamergate saga from the beginning and I've watched it morph into a variety of things, but ultimately it's always been true to it's core, criticism of journalistic ethics.

Now we get to watch the same core subject writ large as the MSM twists itself in knots trying to manipulate the public at large

fun times ahead and this new place has new car smell

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Seems to be a watershed day for exodus minded people

Having so many new .wins all at once might be the dam breaking even needed to make a competitor viable