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Well, you know, here's hoping, but I don't expect much. They consistently ramp up the bullshit, I can't imagine at this rate they will much longer allow dissent of any kind to exist on reddit.

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If they're acting in good faith, why did they go radio silent when we started asking the questions they themselves solicited?

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A person has designated criticism of themselves a sitewide violation in a way that applies to no other group. You don't see a problem there?

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The admins seem to be on a warpath lately. I think they're teeing up for the eventual, likely inevitable "ban all wrongthink period" move.

Over on SocialJusticeInAction we just had a similar weird admin encounter. Mind you, it's not the fact that an admin gave us a poke and said "get off your asses about sitewides" that bothers me. Speaking for myself at least, real life has been kicking my ass lately and I've fallen behind on moderating, I know other mods there have had some similar problems and...yeah probably stuff IS getting through that shouldn't.

My issue is that the admin showed up like they were trying to start a dialogue, asked us if we had questions, and then went completely radio silent on us. It definitely smacks of "going through the motions" so they can claim they tried to work with us before banning us, while deliberately refusing to clarify anything so that they can set us up to fail no matter what we do because we don't know what we have to enforce.

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How many articles like this get written when shippers send death threats?

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All three are decent or good movies if you overlook the shitty behavior of their creators...but they fit together like absolute ass and form a narratively and thematically incoherent whole.

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You know, and I say this as maybe the person who butts heads with Shad the most, this is despicable, and there are some things one should never ever stoop to over a dumb online fight. New account, immediate rule 1 violation, goodbye.

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No matter the evidence I doubt she'll face any consequences. I can't think of a single woman accused since the start of MeToo who actually has.

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It was going to happen eventually. Honestly I would be completely accepting of this if I thought it would get rid of microtransactions and shit. But it won't.

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Well we're always going to have rules of some kind. The specifics will change, but we need something in the meantime.

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Focus and atmosphere.

We try to stick mostly to issues affecting journalism and media, particularly nerdy media, while they lean more towards general social justice bullshit and politics.

We also try to feel like "old reddit" in the sense that we like to be shitposty and fun, but we draw a line at overtly uncivil behavior between users and blatant bigotry. They prefer to cultivate a more chan-like environment.

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There are always gonna be SOME people who, if allowed, will be super uncivil and ruin things for everyone else.

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Wait, I thought these people lose their memories of their previous lives?

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Yeah, this is half finished and some of this phrasing may not even make the final cut. Bear with us.

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Absolutely, as long as the video doesn't have dox or some shit in it.

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Yeah, because you can reasonably expect us to have fully hammered out a huge set of revisions to our rules already, when we were forced to bring the site online so quickly we don't even have the CSS working yet.

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I don't think this has ever happened before. Someone being memory holed without anyone even being willing to explain WHY.

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What is a helicopter joke? I dont get it.

You know, helicopter rides for communists?

Maybe im here because im tired of the double standards from all the usual suspects.

Well that's entirely fine. You just have to be basically civil towards your fellow users while we all fight the good fight together.

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Glad we're Billy, he's the nerd after all.

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