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If you're curious, I was banned for posting a comment in THIS thread. It featured a photo of a gay pride parade in Poland. I commented that it was good there were no children petting adults in fetish gear.

Rule Violation: Permanently Banned for Promoting Hate
We don’t tolerate promoting hate based on identity or vulnerability, and any communities or people that encourage or incite violence or hate towards marginalized or vulnerable groups will be banned.
If you use Reddit with a different account and continue to promote hate, you will be in violation of Reddit’s rule against ban evasion, and any additional accounts you have will be banned.

I submitted an appeal and never got a response, but one day ago my pre-Gamergate account u/weltallica was ALSO permanently suspended.

I haven't used that one in seven years. I created u/weltallic in 2014 back when GamerGate started on the assumption that discussing GG on reddit would get you shadowbanned (a valid concern in the early days):



The fact that they banned my account and one I hadn't touched in seven years tells me the admins are banning every account I have (i.e. permanent sitewide suspension). I appealed, stating that the old account has not promoted "hate"... and the appeal was denied.

Let this be a warning that KiA's Hard Removal of a Topic™ may be all that's keeping it alive, as the admins are banning accounts that not only express disaproval on trans issues (which I haven't done), but also express misgivings on LGBT current events, such as the presence of children at Pride parades (which I just did).


Anyway, I will likely add a few more Imgur albums here over time and keep a few updated, despite not being able to post them on reddit.... however, my original reddit account from 2010 has not been banned yet. I only used that one for a month before I got bored of reddit and went back to 4chan.

We'll see if reddit admins discover and kill that one, too. If they don't, there may yet be a GamerGate 2023 Victories retrospective. We'll see.

Reddit accounts come and go, but the ride never ends!

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I go off the grid for a week... and come back to all this?!