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From what I've read/heard elsewhere Pride got taken over by a bunch of narcissists who said "Fuck you!" to conformity (I.e. being a upstanding citizen) an as such felt it wasn't enough to just be proud of being gay, thus leading to them putting their kinks on full display, believing doing so was somehow "Brave" when in reality it completely betrays not only the point of the parade but the whole Gay Pride movement which show people that they're like everyone else instead of the utter sexual deviants once previously believed by society.

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Are they also by chance head of the Anti-Evil Counsel as well?

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Well I originally created mean for The_Donald (which I now regret) but am thankfully I have for times like this.

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Wait, would that make fatpeoplehate.win the green ranger?

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Not at first because I thought was it just isolated to gaming journalism until the WSJ attacked Pewdiepie over a joke gone wrong (The Fiverr incident) that I slowly began rethinking everything I believed.

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Also, she may have become a "game dev" just to get revenge on Alec Holowka (game developer who kill himself) because he broke up with her (she thought he was the one), which happened right before he hit it big.