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"Gatekeeping has become prominent in the discussion of fandom and especially the anime community as of late, with many fans arguing over who deserves and who doesn't deserve to be an anime fan. Is it good? Is it bad? Or is the discussion far more nuanced than just that?"

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From 2018. Just Some Guy explains the difference between fan gatekeeping versus SJW gatekeeping, and some pointers on how to resist it.

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You need to read David Cole at TakiMag. He can show you how to talk about Jewish Leftists (which almost 80% of American Jews support, most of them by passively voting for whatever the NYT "asks" them to) from a tribal viewpoint, instead of the Nazi/Protocol of the Elders of Zion viewpoint that you're using.

American Jews, being well-off, must by necessity rely on history to make the case that they’re “partners in oppression” with blacks. But the two central pillars of current black extremism make the Jews’ history irrelevant. The 1619 Project asserts that black labor was stolen by an ungrateful nation; Holocaust Jews may have suffered, but it occurred elsewhere, and besides, they’ve been compensated and celebrated. The other pillar, cancel culture, mandates that long-ago racists must be deleted no matter what “good” they did. Ulysses Grant won the Civil War. Yet if Grant can no longer be admired, neither can the “problematic” Jews who cofounded the NAACP. Thus, Jewish “civil rights” history is negated.

Jews are finding it difficult to fight back, because in today’s climate—a climate they helped create—blacks are criticism-proof. White villains? It’s open season. Call ’em Nazis, get ’em fired, have the cops go after ’em. Hell, go to their hometown and attack their mom. But you can’t do that with blacks. Critique them? You’re a racist. Anger them? Neighborhoods will be looted and burned in retaliation (as happened to L.A.’s Jewish Fairfax District in May).

Worse still, Jews can’t profit from black anti-Jewish hate. Jews love white Nazis. Where no Nazis exist, Jews create them. Thirty years ago, we always knew the ADL moles at Holocaust revisionist events, because they were the ones “sieg heiling” like idiots. All you dipshit trolls who think you’re “striking a blow against the Jews” with your “based” Nazi Twitter accounts are deluded; you’re giving the Jewish community exactly what it needs. Ditto those anthropomorphic head lice called Holocaust deniers. Deniers are the raison d’être of Holocaust education. Deniers have single-handedly given Jews a reason to continue their use and abuse of Holocaust history.

But Jews can only exploit hate when it comes from whites. White Nazis are great for fundraising. White Nazis allow Jews to find cohesion in the shared fantasy that they’re still fighting WWII. There’s no similar reward in black hate. Organizations like the ADL and the Wiesenthal Center have spent decades masquerading as benevolent “human rights” groups that represent “all oppressed people” against the shared enemy of “white supremacy.” That facade would shatter should those orgs begin attacking blacks as the enemy.

And whereas white Holocaust deniers only further the interests of the “Holocaust lobby,” blacks have figured out that the way to draw blood is not through Holocaust denial but Holocaust diminishing. When deniers say, “The Holohoax never happened,” it gives Jews exactly the ammo they need to push for more “remembrance.” But when blacks say, “Oh, we know about your Holocaust, and we don’t care. We have a worse one in slavery,” Jews are stymied, deflated. Rendered mute. That’s pure kryptonite.


Hitler’s idealism is right there in the phrase gutem Blut unserer Art. He sincerely believed that his people’s “blood” was good, and that positive things would come from the domination of Europe by that good blood. Hitler did have “civilizing ideas.” It’s just that his civilizing ideas didn’t involve partnerships with people he saw as inferior. But from his perspective, his goal was to improve Europe. You can argue that his perspective was demented, but still, from his viewpoint, he was indeed an idealist.

BLM lacks any such idealism.


Yep, just because synagogues were vandalized and Jews attacked doesn’t mean there was any anti-Jewish “intent.”

Here we see two things: the absolute bankruptcy of “never again,” and the unavoidable fruits of Holocaust (mis)education. Decades of antiwhite, anti-West propaganda have convinced a generation of dumbasses that anything white is Nazi. That’s why the survey respondents answered as they did, and that’s why Jews were targeted along with other paleskins during the riots. The ADL and SWC downplayed the violence because they have no problem with it. “Never again” doesn’t apply to pogroms that are perpetrated by the “right” people. “Never again” is not to be invoked if doing so might harm “the cause” (the Jewish Federation’s Sanderson quite literally said as much in Keene’s article).

Here’s the real meaning of “never again”: Never again will we allow the West to live in peace. And if, in the name of that crusade, other Jews must be sacrificed, so be it.

If you’re wondering why the ADL, the Jewish Federation, and the SWC would so blithely allow ordinary Jews to become collateral damage, remember my analogy about black career criminals. Why do they slaughter their own just as they slaughter whites? They may harbor an “ideological” hatred of whitey, but at heart, they’re unthinking pathological monsters. Their urge to destroy is inveterate, and they’ll murder their own to satisfy it.

“Establishment” Jews are no better. Their higher income, fancier houses, and better grammar can’t hide the fact that these monsters are no less psychotic than common, conscienceless street-thug murderers and rapists. They’ll jeopardize Jews just as they’ll jeopardize Gentiles in their war to destroy the West.

We mustn’t allow ourselves to be manipulated by flavor-of-the-week stories like the Schoen survey. We don’t need “more” Holocaust history. We need accurate history in all subjects, and most of all we need the will to resist corrupt Jewish “leaders” who publicly scream never again as they gaze longingly at the violent and anarchic summer of 2020 while privately declaring forever again.

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a GamerGate supporter and online friend of mine, Propyne, has correctly pointed out that the term has potential Marxist associations in German because, within certain contexts, "Praxis" is a philosophical term to mean "action oriented towards changing society".

Praxis (Greek, "action, deed," from the same root as "practice") is the whole motivation behind Marxist political correctness. And they use the word a lot ("revolutionary praxis").

But not just them. Praxeologie, or praxeology, was developed by Ludwig von Mises, one of the brightest lights of the Austrian School of economics, because he saw that economics was only a sub-discipline of the study of human action (in Greek, praxis).

But the Austrians use it differently. We study praxis, what and how humans decide what to do (economically). We do not have a praxis, which is A Minutely Detailed List of Permitted Behaviors. All we have is advice. :-D

the ideology works its way into peoples' heads anyway and makes antifascists look like killjoys.

You didn't need our help for that, pal. ;-) We don't make you, we just expose you.

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Holy cow, you're here.

Pity, though, the rest of #GG doesn't seem interested. :-(

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I don't get other people's reactions to these posts. This is not about hating games journalists, it's about the drastically unethical actions of a large portion of games journalism and the editors who don't pay people for work are a part of that journalism.

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You need to post here more.

Does .win have an API? Can someone whomp up a Python script to automate publishing on both sites for you?

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None of this. None of this stems from that.

If Eron had tripped, dropped into an uncovered manhole and been in a coma for the last six years, all of this still would have happened, just in a slightly different form.