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TLJ, while having its stupid moments, at least wasn’t so rehashed that it felt like I was watching a bootleg version of the movie it’s clearly ripping off. The Force awakens was a New Hope, and TRoS was a mutated return of the Jedi.

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While I respect your opinion I disagree with it.

Issues I had with TLJ:

-the out of place humour
-4th wall breaking jokes
-General Hux's cartoonish incompetence
-the horrific space tactics
-massive plot holes
-the reveals all being "oh ok, well that was underwhelming"
-Rey's severe lack of character development
-Finn's severe lack of character development
-Snoke being a waste of time, the slowest chase scene since Speed 2: Cruise Control
-the National Lampoon's Casino Planet vacation during the chase
-Phasma jobbing again
-the new hyperspace mcguffin
-the fact if you skipped this movie the only thing you will miss is that Kylo Ren is no longer the apprentice big bad he is now the big bad, but considering the "big bad" was only this mysterious intriguing shadowy villain that they were building up in the first one and Kylo was the actual big bad in that one then even that hasn't changed.

ClockworkFool 6 points ago +6 / -0

-Finn's severe lack of character development

Finn is the biggest waste in the film. He went from arguably being the real protagonist in Force Awakens to being an irrelevant side plot that had it's actual resolution left on the cutting room floor in the sequel.