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This sub is about Gamergate

The primary focus of Gamergate is on ethics in journalism with a more focused look on gaming and nerd culture topics. It discusses the encroachment of identity politics into these hobbies as well. The focus of the group is on the cultural aspect of social justice politics and their encroachment and negative effect on gaming and nerd culture.

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Basically it’s about ethics (or the lack of ethics) I’m gaming journalism. It started when some corruption got exposed in 2014 and the media responded by insulting gamers and basically ever since a bunch of gamers have had enough of the media liars and their SJW bullshit. So the community is about gaming but also discussing corruption and SJWs in journalism.

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insulting gamers

That's a hell of a simplified way to explain it, lol.

KotakuInAction was the official subreddit for discussing gamergate related topics.

Back in 2014 Gamergate started with the Zoepost by Eron Gjoni which I won't go into detail about, but basically out of that post people started accusing Zoe Quinn using sexual relationships she had in the industry to garner positive press for her game Depression Quest.

Following this, there was a mass wave of censorship on reddit and other communities. There was an infamous post on r/gaming where they deleted something like 20,000 comments from the post about this.

Following that, there was a wave of eerily similar articles all released on the same day (https://imgur.com/a/kahzN) that all proclaimed that gamers are 'dead' and that game developers and journalists should no longer cater to 'gamers.'

Following that, gamers started compiling a ton of instances of games journalists being unethical and the hashtag was coined by Adam Baldwin.

Gamergate was one of the first communities to respond and fight back against activist journalism and SJW encroachment on their territory.

The media repeatedly used (and still continue to mention us to this day with) disingenuous claims that Gamergate was a campaign of harassment against women in videogames, mostly because several deranged feminists tried to insert themselves into the story for notoriety.

From Gamergate, it became obvious that it wasn't just enthusiast gaming journalists that had been taken over by SJWs and dishonest activists, all media was. And it's only gotten worse as time has gone by...

We've been blamed by some people for Trump winning in 2016, which I find hilarious.

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Ya! I’m looking for the same!

Welcome aboard you.. guys?!?

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