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Was gamergate a turning point in your life, in your philosophy or in your worldview? From what to what?

I'm contemplating on how it has affected me (very significantly). Some of the friends I made during gamergate seem to have not changed so much. What was it like for you?

Share your stories.

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The turning point for me was actually comedy.

When people started saying you can't joke about this or that it turned for me. When I was younger it seemed like it was the church and the right trying to get things shut down for being offensive (e.g. piss christ, mum's alliance against whatever the fuck) but as I got older it was more and more the left trying to be the censorious ones. As time went on they became more dogmatic and you needed to conform to their ideology or you were one of the evil ones.

Then I noticed more and more lies in the media. George W Bush was cast as they bumbling incompetent moron who could barely string a sentence together yet here I was watching an off the cuff speech by a guy who knew his stuff. Then Obama came along. The guy got a Nobel peace prize before even doing anything then spent the next 8 years fighting wars around the world. Easily provable lies were getting broadcast by the media as proof.

Then Gamergate and Trayvon Martin happened. GG was getting slandered full tilt by the media and despite all the allegations of how evil this place was being constantly debunked they kept being repeated by media, Trayvon's case where MSNBC edited the 911 call to try and paint Zimmerman as a racist and incite outrage against him was the final straw. The Michael Brown follow up case just proved that truth no longer mattered to these people and they were more interested in creating outrage and incite the outrage mob.

Trump and the vitriolic and irrational response from the left was just another in the long line of insanity and delusional and hypocritical behaviour.