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It's still a week until F1 2020 comes out and I'm so bored. I'm boycotting nearly every game company that exists over politics and I genuinely can't find anything to play for the week I'm waiting.

What do you all play? Do you boycott the major companies like I do or do you play anything you like and try to ignore where the money goes?

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I'm tempering my expectations. If its as good as Dues Ex Mankind divided and human revolution I will be happy so the bar I am setting isnt that high.

People have crazy expectations but I just want a solid RPG with a good setting and a good story. If it can deliver that I will be happy.

You might be right about the driver line ups but not to sure how it will be implemented. It might just be the current F2 lineup (so Mick Schumacher has to be my pick as a Schumey fan from way back).