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Sorry if this has been asked before, but now that we are on the .win network, is there a reason these two are still separate things?

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AnarcrotheAlchemist 6 points ago +8 / -2

The neutral simplified version:

KotakuInAction had strict moderation. Partially to try to avoid getting banned from reddit and partially to try and keep things on topic. The mods at KotakuInAction wants to keep the movement focused on video games and not the greater culture war at large. KotakuInAction2 went with lighter moderation, while still having a focus on gaming also discusses the wider cultural war as well.

KIA1 probably overmoderated and a lot of relevant stuff wasn't allowed, but KIA2 is probably a bit too unfocused and a little spammy at times.

KiA attempts to stay politically neutral and tends to ignore wider media and more focuses on gaming media and nerd culture media than tackling the likes of CNN and Fox.

KiA2 has a lot more lax moderation and focuses on the wider cultural war as well (the logic being that gaming and nerd culture issues are just a component of the wider cultural war so the whole thing needs to be talked about otherwise its like saying you can't see the forest because of the trees). This means the KiA2 gets more political and as most of the egregious and overt and obvious examples of unethical behaviour in media at the moment is coming from the left the sub is antileftist.

KiA mods did spend a time calling the users over at KiA2 nazi's white supremacists etc. for awhile which further polarised the divide as well as some KiA2 users making personal insults against KiA mods specifically. At the moment most people just do the live and let live stuff with a lot of people being active on both subs and some that only care about the wider cultural war posting only on KiA2 and others that only care about gaming posting on KiA. KiA2 replaced what KiAchatroom was trying to be in a sense.

HandofBane 0 points ago +5 / -5

KiA mods did spend a time calling the users over at KiA2 nazi's white supremacists etc. for awhile

That has mostly gotten under control in the last few months, as Antonio has cracked down harder. I think BloodAndSeed finally got suspended by the admins for all his stormfront-tier posting.

AnarcrotheAlchemist 5 points ago +6 / -1

They painted the whole sub with that brush not just individual posters. If they just kept it to focusing on the individual user it would have been less antagonistic but they called the whole sub and userbase that stuff for months. I understand the personal beef some mods may have with particular users (especially with some of the vitriol thrown their way from some) but that isn't an excuse to pull the same shit that was pulled on KiA by its detractors.

It has been a fair few months since any of the mods have said that about KiA2 though... or even spoke about it (publicly) really. It shouldn't matter anymore as the two subs seemed to have settled into a peaceful coexistence with both serving similar yet complementary purposes.