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LOL, how is your kickstarter going on? scammer.

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Well this site needs more posts, first and foremost, maybe set up a bot to mirror posts from r/KiA to here. I'll gladly participate here, I'm not going to reddit anymore, personnally, I can't support admins that shield and enable unhinged people.

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I cannot in good conscience continue to be on reddit. Not only that whole transgender blackout thing is completely ridiculous, but now we know why it happened, to protect some fucked up pervert who happened to be confused about his genitals. And reddit the corp fucking hired him knowingly?

Absolute shame. I respect people, I don't respect ideas, I think people suffering from sex dysphoria are real, but it's a psychological issue and shouldn't be celebrated like some kind of "identity", this is nuts. The fact that most of the people involved in trying to change laws around sex are doing that in a very cunning and secretive way, bypassing any possibility of debate like that will eventually backfire, when people realize how stupid the very idea of gender identity is.