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I just wanna know what the reality is. I waited 7 years to try and upgrade this machine and the time has come to send it to end of life land, the great server farm where PCs go to spend their last days as secondary devices.

at this point I am saving a lot of money. I dont have much now and dont make a lot -- however my expenses are very low and I can save. I have about $1400-1500 right now. saving between $3000-4000 for a PC and another $1000 or so for an OLED TV.

since im about halfway point to building the PC itself, im trying to look into pricing and parts now.

and I wanna know. is the REAL retail MSRP a lie now. do they just intend to keep the prices hikes and scalping indefinitely?

if so, if really 20% more is the cost. I am willing to spend up to $2500 on an msrp $1500 card. Also if it will be unavailable for the next several years or 8 months. definitely paying scalper prices even though I cannot afford it. dont care. need the parts. end of story.

i am NOT GOING TO USE CREDIT. dont worry. no financing. cash-only. I will have the cash. I will be sacrificing: having a car, having a cellphone, doing other things, etc.

I may or may not finance $1500 or less of the deal, but chances are I wont even do that. chances are I deposit $5000 cash into my bank account and immediately spend it (I get paid in cash, taxes deducted since my employer will cash my checks for me)

I'll probably walk into a best buy and pull out a wad of $100s like a baller to buy an LG C2 or something as well. im not rich but I am dedicated to saving this money for this use.

so what is the inside deal here.

I believe Nvidia promised shareholders and corporate more ROI than was physically possible because of the mining price hikes and then crash. I also think retailers play a role in this, as well as scalpers. since everyone bought in on these cards way above MSRP expecting a bigger return for that cost, and with them dropping back down to MSRP its probably a large problem for everyone involved.

because of that Im not so sure "supply will go up price will go down". I think they might artificially keep the mining situation going by supply-side manipulation and encouragement of scalping for years to come.

if so, it is absolutely worth spending double price and sucking it up. im not getting into another situation where its like this 1070 where im "locked in" for 7 years.

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