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The wife and I enjoy watching movies and shows together. She was born and raised in Brazil so I've showed her all the classic movies like Braveheart, Shawshank redemption, the 5th element, saving private ryan, kingdom of heaven, LOTRs, Star Wars, etc, etc.
So I figured this would be a good place to ask this question for some good suggestions. I've been looking myself but I'd thought I'd seek others perspectives.
I used to be annoyed that my wife found an infatuation with "Friends" but after shit like "bridgerton" has caught her eye I'd sit through friends for eternity if she would promise not to watch that trash and I can barely stop myself from going into a long rant about the bullshit they are pulling. lol it's funny the more times I see Friends the more I like it because shows weren't purposely insulting us with SJW bullshit.

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Normie spouse and I watched the “Richard Jewell” movie directed by Clint Eastwood last night. I could see Normie’s mind working: gave him a lot to think about. The red-pilling might be starting.

Bonus: it was a very enjoyable movie.

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"Yes, Minister" (and its sequel series, "Yes, Prime Minister") is a 1980s BBC sitcom about the Deep State. I absolutely am not joking.

It was Margaret Thatcher's favorite show. The co-lead, Sir Humphrey Appleby, is the Deep State.

Since it's British, it only produced like 25 episodes in an 8-year run, but they are gold. And, yeah, it's not recent, but I've been watching it recently, and it feels extremely relevant.

For actual recent shows/movies: I really enjoyed Knives Out, and I don't remember it doing anything irritatingly political.

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I always find this bit good at explaining polls to people.


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Knives out is a great film on its own merits and a ton of fun.

Its also a very progressive movie, daughter of an illegal immigrant has to keep the murder a secret or else it will bring too much attention to her mother’s status? The family of bigoted awful white people lose their family home to the girl (of whom the kid who spends too much time in the bathroom called an ‘anchor baby’?) The final shot of her standing on the balcony with the family ‘T’ in full view seemed like an allusion to Trump tower but that one is a bit tenuous.

Anyways, Knives Out is the kinda movie you dummies on this forum would hate

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I don’t watch much TV anymore, but when I got frustrated with SJW garbage being injected into shows, I found anime a bastion.

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Yeah I like anime but I'm a normie and only get into the big commercial ones and I dare to say ones that have the American market in mind. Attack on Titan for example is in its final season and it is fucking insanely good.

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some recent Anime recommendations:

  • The Promised Neverland

  • Rising of the Shield Hero

  • Goblin Slayer

only get into the big commercial ones

Guessing you're already familiar with these?

  • Fate/Zero

  • Black Lagoon

  • Cowboy Bebop

  • Expelled from Paradise

recommendations that aren't recent and/or they aren't big commercial:

  • Erased

  • Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

  • Kino's Journey (both the 2003 and 2017 versions are worth watching)

  • Berserk (the one from 1998)

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I don’t know how others on this platform feel about JoJo, but I personally found that anime/manga pretty entertaining

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Justified is well worth a watch. No PC bullshit, good characters and an engaging story.

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Kobra Kai has some SJW moments but I found it at tolerable levels. Can't speak for season 3, haven't watched. (Family friendly)

"The Boys" - i don't want to spoil if you haven't watched, but that show seemed to be speaking truth to power for one and a half seasons, than swerved seriously hard to the left. But where season 2 leaves off, I can't tell if that swerve is a fake out or not. (ultra violent tv show though)

Ozark - haven't noticed any significant SJW bullshit. There are some characters who are overtly SJW in-show but I would say the are not shown in a positive light at all. (violent and at times disturbing)

Banshee - has a few painfully anvillicous SJW moments. Setting outright caricatures of 'evil racist white guy' for example, but it does tense action quite well too.

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What I liked about Kobra Kai, yes, there is some level of obvious diversity and leaning of SJW'ism, they don't use it a shield or hammer to push it.

It was actually refreshing to see, as they made some of the diversity characters do the bullying and act in negative fashions. They allow the characters to breathe and they seem free to be both heroic and be assholes regardless of whatever status they represent (gay, black, feminist, minority etc.)

This show is all about character arcs, redemption and often the "good guys" are the ones doing the wrong, its all about their perspective, and how they respond to the things they did.

Add in some great nostalgia vibes and humor, great fight scene direction and editing, its a good time, enjoyed it very much so far.

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watching s3 now. still good

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Yeah best show I've seen in a long time

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A.P Bio

Trailer Park Boys

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (this is Friends if Friends was a good show and not the worst show ever created with the most shittiest humor only toppled by that 70s show, jesus fuck some popular shows are just fucking awful)

Lost (best show ever made)

The Magicians



Shameless (US/brit)

The office

Kobra Kai, make fun of SJW all the time, great show

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Trailer park boys!

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My honor was loyalty

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Don’t F**k With Cats (Netflix) is a fantastic documentary about how some amateur internet sleuths help take down a sadistic serial killer.

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The Expanse. It has a very diverse cast but no one wears their identity on their sleeve. It doesn't care about your sex, race or sexual preference even though it includes almost all of them. It's just decent sci-fi. It's available on Amazon but I just pirate it because screw amazon. Good show, though.

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