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It's still a week until F1 2020 comes out and I'm so bored. I'm boycotting nearly every game company that exists over politics and I genuinely can't find anything to play for the week I'm waiting.

What do you all play? Do you boycott the major companies like I do or do you play anything you like and try to ignore where the money goes?

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I played Yakuza Kiwami a bit tonight. So far I'm loving the series if you would be interested in a Japanese crime drama. The story drags a bit though imo.

I haven't boycotted a studio yet over politics but Naughty Dog might be the first. I almost never buy games at full price and on launch anyway. Most studios don't get more than $20 out of me. I have many many many games to play I've already bought there's just no reason.

Looking forward to Cyberpunk and Ghost of Tsushima mostly as far as new games go. I really hope the latter isn't all SJW filled with it being Sony.