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Yeah the Yakuza games are starting to release on Xbox. If you have the game pass Yakuza 0 (chronological first in the series) is on there. Japanese game so there's no feminism and social justice.

The whole Sony thing bugs me on Ghost of Tsushima...it's supposed to be from the 13th century but they seem to push an agenda. The only saving grace I think it's also designed to appeal to the Japanese audience and they won't like that stuff. I have only had a PS4 about a year and was loving some of the games I'd never played but if they keep it up PS4 will be as far as I go. It's not even a boycott, just when have those woke games ever been any fun?

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I played Yakuza Kiwami a bit tonight. So far I'm loving the series if you would be interested in a Japanese crime drama. The story drags a bit though imo.

I haven't boycotted a studio yet over politics but Naughty Dog might be the first. I almost never buy games at full price and on launch anyway. Most studios don't get more than $20 out of me. I have many many many games to play I've already bought there's just no reason.

Looking forward to Cyberpunk and Ghost of Tsushima mostly as far as new games go. I really hope the latter isn't all SJW filled with it being Sony.

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Welcome from a thedonald.win user and a what I'd call a hardcore casual gamer. I've been gaming a long long time and spend a lot of time on it, but I don't get into online play, streaming, or making sure the graphics and hardware are the absolute finest I can possibly afford. I really stick to consoles anyway. I will try almost any game and play almost every type of game with the caveat that I am the only one who decides whether I like it or not irrespective of how much a game is worshipped.

I abandoned Reddit a while back so if this is active I've been itching for some good gaming discussion where I'm allowed to have my own opinions and not be force fed social justice. So, hello to everyone.

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I never participated (or even knew about) this sub on Reddit. I was on a lot of gaming subs though that I've abandoned for months now. It got too suffocating not being able to hold a critical opinion of a preferred game or a positive opinion of a hated game. I'll hang around here a while and see what it's about.

As for what I've been playing, lately Yakuza Kiwami, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the campaigns of the old Call of Duty WW2 based games.