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It's basically whishful thinking and I'm pretty sure it's a stupid idea. But I almost think if something happens post November 4, like more riots because of either candidates' win, CDPR would delay the game once more to "let more important voices heard" like they did with Night City Wire during summer.

I know it's stupid. One is a glorified conference that would be ignored in the news cycle, the other is a straight up release of a game and, more important, product that makes profit

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I'm convinced that cyberpunk was going for the sjw way then they noticed the backslash other games were getting. they used a PR move+corona combo to delay their game and gain some time, and they are now likely modifying their game to purge the sjw propaganda.

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I hope you are right. Though the Witcher games don't necessarily have overt sjw crap it does tend to have various quests that focus on racism and such. Not a bad thing per say just depends on how its executed.

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Perhaps, it would not surprise me.