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In what will come as a surprise to absolutely no one on this subreddit, according to the latest article by GamerGate supporter and former Wikipedia editor T.D. Adler (The Devil's Advocate), it seems like we can add the online encyclopedia to the list of left wing institutions running interference for Joe Biden's presidential campaign by trying to memory hole the recent "New York Post" article about a high level adviser from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma using Hunter Biden to gain access to his father, who was Vice President at the time. Here's what we've seen so far:

  • One edtor, Soibangla, removing material directly referring to the article by claiming that the newspaper is an "unreliable source".
  • Another editor trying to remove material referring to the article despite said information having been reprinted in sources still considered reliable.
  • Still another editor, Valjean - an anti-Trump conspiracy theorist and the primary author of Wikipedia's entry on the Steele Dossier - claiming that the article was "likely Russian disinformation".
  • Keeping mentions of the article's revelations from appearing in Hunter Biden's Wikipedia entry.
  • Administrator Guy Chapman claiming that Rudy Giuliani has associates that are known Russian intelligence agents and "that the source of the purported (and unverified) e-mails is very likely the Kremlin", which was using "data stolen by the GRU".
  • Yet another editor, "Snooganssnoogans", trying to smear Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, the head of a committee that issued a report about the Burisma controversy, by linking him to "Russian disinformation campaigns".

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