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I mean yeah, I'd say he's center-right but if we're to just say that he's either binary left or binary right, then he's right, which is how many Americans view their politicians.

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Anyway, when GamerGate started bubbling up, you started seeing your LE SMUGGY LEFTIST assholes popping up doing what I would later know was virtue signaling. One of them was "God, Gamers are such little fucking Shitstains."

Yeah, saw that a bunch too. A gaming forum I was moderating had one of the higher-up mods say something similar, like "When I think of gamers, I think of entitled piss-babies". And half the mod team liked the post. On a gaming forum.

I left shortly after.

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I think there's definitely a thread linking GG and Trump but not in the way the journos say it is. It wasn't an alt-right recruitment drive or a Russian op. It's much simpler than that - there are obvious parallels between how the media and tech establishment approach both GG and Trump - constant, obvious lies and censorship. Even if many GGers were liberal left, they wouldn't go Hillary because she's the establishment.

But what most people on the right don't rly understand is that the establishment isn't "left" or "democrat". It just appears that way now because the establishment is anti-Trump and Trump is right wing. Had Jeb! won, the establishment would be solidly on his side right now. Because Jeb! would play ball. Hillary would play ball. Trump is different. And therefore, I think a lot of GGers can support Trump for that reason but also still maintain that Bernie would've been better for them.

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Nice format, Im-a copy.

Like you, shy and awkward growing up, kept my opinions to myself mostly.

Step 1 (2008) Joined Chanology to take down Scientology. This was the first time I really felt that "Fuck it, I have things to say and I'm gonna say them". I realised that being assertive and confident was actually part of my character if I just let go of my fear of being judged by others.

Step 2 (2014) GG happend and right away I saw parallels with Chanology: The same smear tactics, SJWs advocating cutting ties with problematic people etc. I wouldn't say it was any kind of turning point for me but I realised that a lot of people on the left (where I am, politically) were batshit crazy. One example that stood out to me was that I realised that all that time when we complained about Fox News being propaganda, I was pretty much alone in being opposed to it because journalism shouldn't be propaganda. All the others were just upset it wasn't propaganda for **their **cause.

Step 3 (2016) Trump vs Hillary and all the crazy shit that I noticed around 2014 and earlier have ramped up a lot. I see constant lies in the press, friends saying that anyone who supports Trump will be unfriended on social media. I was of the opinion that Trump was "not that bad" and had a lot of good suggestions like term limits and see him mainly as a center-right figure, whereas most people on the left and who just casually read news think he's Hitler incarnate. After he got elected, the left ramped up their BS even more, TDS is real. But the more they screech and lie and smear and threaten, the more people see through their BS.