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Sure, I get that, but the question was what games had had their writing ruined by politics. To my knowledge, Fallout has yet to take the full plunge into heavy-handed modern leftism.

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Yeah, but last I knew, it wasn’t a heavy-handed leftist one. One of the main causes of the initial nuclear war was communist China launching an attack on the United States, wasn’t it?

For a guy with my username, I know relatively little about Fallout lore, but my impression hadn’t been that it was overtly SJW in its political commentary. Although, I imagine the synths and sentient ghouls offer opportunities if you were to push that way. Is that what they did? “Oh, these poor misjudged minorities, pay no attention to how most of them are monsters”?

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Did Fallout get political, or just incompetent? I've heard the complaints about bland, no-choice writing in FO4m and of course I know about the false advertising, technical, and pr dumpster fire that is Fallout 76. But I've not heard anything about politics in particular—beyond the usual speculation that woke hiring helps make these disasters happen, of course.