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If you dive into the extended lore around 1 and 2, many of the indian nations somehow survived nuclear armageddon without a vault or any preparation because... "theyre in touch with nature". Not only that but they become political and military powerhouses with functional societies run by communes. Its basically those antifa autonomous zones but actually functional. Mexico and south america are also mostly intact and functioning as the last bastions of human society, with much of mexico reverting to its tribal roots and becoming like the aztecs (but somehow still being functional).

All of this is of course without mentioning the fact that they portray the last of the US government, the Enclave, as purely bad guys because they want to wipe the nation clean of raiders and horribly irradiated monsters.

"But they dont respect the sovereignty of JunkProstituteDrugMurder town! And theyre just normal folks!"


The Brotherhood of Steel are the only vaguely american group that isnt portrayed as pure evil. Theyre merely portrayed as deeply incompetent and religious.

There is actually religion in fallout as well, its just that every single religious person is part of a cult that wants to brainwash everyone and is universally hated for it.