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I don't really have too much time to play anymore either, but one of the reasons I stuck with Xbox is because all (most) of the old games still work and we have a pretty large built-in library from when I used to be a gamer. Last night the kid was happily playing Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy which came out in 2003. I wish he was playing the $60 game I got him for Christmas, but whatever. haha

There are a lot of fun party games like Castle Crashers, too.

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Alien Isolation scares the shit out of me. It's something I play when everyone is in bed, so I kill the lights and put on some headphones. I have Outlast, but only played a few minutes of it.

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Yeah, I picked it up and it's excellent. We don't have a Switch, so this is as close to the Zelda game as we can get. We're playing on Story difficulty so the enemies are pushovers, but the exploration and puzzles are intact. Kids = happy.

..oh and the damned XB1 power brick died on Christmas day about 20 minutes into the game, so we're not too far into it. Cheap Chinese replacement came in yesterday so we're back at it.

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It's funny that you went out of your way to insult a small child. Keep living your life though - sounds like you're happy and fulfilled.

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A co-worker got the Rift soon after it launched, so I went over to try it out and it was pretty cool, but there were not really any games at that time. The technology seemed really nice, and it was the first time I had done VR since the '90s.

I'll wait for next-gen, or next-next-gen before I consider buying it though.

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Welcome aboard! It'll be nice to get some games discussion back. :)

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metacanada is in here. http://omegacanada.win

That's it so far, but expect more incoming.

psst: fatpeoplehate has been registered under a .win domain...