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the original cyberpunk author seems kinda redpilled, and he did consult on this game, but i'm not holding my breath.

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man, I forgot about dickwolves. It's crazy to go back and read the old posts when that was going on. the penny arcade guys roasted the hell out of their critics, and fought and fought but eventually ended up laying down and groveling to the mob. i hear PAX is now run by critical race theory marxists.

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https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/gamergate is a decent overview.

feminists, LGBTQ, marxists and the usual subjects started their hard run into subverting video game culture. Videogaming as a hobby is a billion+dollar industry, more than movies. There are a whole lot of video game "journalists," reviewers, and online discussion forums, which became more and more infested with the usual cultural marxism.

The gaming media started pushing the globalist narrative and that "gamers are dead" and stopped talking about videogames. Milo yiannopoulos was still at Breitbart when he got a leak of a "games journo pros" mailing list, which proved that multiple top gaming media sites were colluding to push their cultural marxist narrative. The list turned out to be started by some shadowy NGO supposedly for education reform with ties to common core and bill gates.