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I don't even care to try this game anymore. Originally was excited when I first heard about it however many months or years ago it was. But all that interest has been raped and murdered, kind of like Joel.

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I am a lifelong gamer, but I don't buy a lot of games anymore. I bought Persona 5 on a whim in December 2019 because it was 9.99, and before that I bought Red Dead 2 in October....of 2018!

My next game purchase is definitely going to be this one.

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Can never go wrong with this game!

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Is it worth it to get that game if you already played the original to death?

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I was heavy into Persona 5 early on in the quarantine crap. I played like 200 hours lol Its crazy how the story mirrors real life in a lot a ways, especially about the state of society and the motivations we have/don't have. Also being able to defeat the bald guy who is basically Hillary Clinton is fun lol

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What the heck is a smuggie? It just makes me think of a snuggie lol