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I see what you're saying but google the donald. Is .win anywhere on the front page?

You have to get to the second page to even see the donalds twitter account.

I don't think google is going to pull up anything .win unless you're specific with your search terms. That's why name recognition is probably the more important in my opinion at the moment as making the name broad is unlikely to result in people randomly finding it anyways.

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If they're coming through reddit than they already know what they're looking for as they would still be linked from KiA.

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So what would you suggest and how would you expect other people to find it?

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It would kind of be like if Coke renamed themselves to sugar water.

It would be more reflective of the product, but the name recognition is gone.

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I'm gonna let this slide with a warning since it's our first day open. Don't let it happen again.

This is a christian server.


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Cyberpunk is shaping up to be great, but make no mistake, no matter the elections outcome, SJWism isn't going anywhere. It's entrenched in the industry.

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Ewww Megamilk wearing tshirt titty monsters.

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What a cuck! Everybody knows that Aerith is best girl!

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That's not very inclusive language, faggot.