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So a few years ago I wrote several articles about Reddit being a disgusting platform. More specifically, Reddit had a bunch of subs openly advertising paedophilia in the text index as I set out in my article - Reddit Bans /r/PedoWorld and /r/PedoCity the Day After MHN Article.

Abandoning Reddit has been long overdue.

Given all the upheaval today, could KiA perhaps use it to advertise the KotakuInAction.win platform enthusiastically?

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I'm all for it personally - I find more and more reddit is becoming a sinkhole.

I am fine with folks using mean words and would rather they be allowed to do so rather then constantly walking the razors edge due to the ever present looming threat that "everything we say will be used against us" by the reddit admin - forcing us to slowly keep moving the rules bar more and more to the SJW standard.