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I mean, im not sure what that really has to do with anything. A game can’t have everything. There’s always going to be stuff missing from a game

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I do. But damn you’re salty all over this thread.

Ya gotta take a chill pill my dude. Good luck with the rest of your day!

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I would imagine anti-capitalism/anti-war to be pretty leftist. The games have also consistently embraced themes of diversity, showing that there are ghouls and synths that do offer support and good opportunity for you, the main character. There were synths who were literally programmed drones for the antagonist, but there were also synths who were escaping from that life and wanting to work for the good of the whole of humanity. There were ghouls who were mindless animals, and others, "sentient ghouls" which were also productive members of society only ostracized for their looks when under their skin (or lack thereof) they were kind people.

Have you played them?

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I would recommend reading more about the lore then if you're not familiar with it.

Overall, Fallout's message was one of anti-war and anti-capitalism, and it had been that way from the beginning. There had been a constant theme of juxtaposition between the 1950's pro-war propaganda and "consume product" advertising against the ravaging effects of war.

Yes, Liberty Prime had the message of "death is a preferable alternative to communism," although it was in essence a satire of the slogans of the cold-war era. Mind you, the game isn't an argument in favor of communism or leftist ideologies, but an illustration of a post-war society and the cruelty of leaders that are far removed from the greater civilization (The Master, John Eden, Dr. House, The Institute)

They're excellent games, some better than others, but the overall themes stay relatively consistent throughout.

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Fallout was a political game from the very first version. It was always meant to be a commentary on capitalism, nationalism, and war