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The party is just getting started. Reddit doesn't like fun!

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That is what I got from the entire thing. An attempt to play the victim and take over the industry, invited or not.

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Love the username. Me too, who knew .win would become such a movement in so little time. It's great.

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Simply agreeing that freedom of speech is necessary is enough! Hi everyone!

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That is the correct place to check for official .wins, confirm that the sidebar there contains the .win in question.

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From their reddit sidebar: "KotakuInAction is the main hub for GamerGate on Reddit and welcomes discussion of community, industry, and media issues in gaming and broader nerd culture, including sci-fi/fantasy, comics, and animation."

I in no means intend to answer in place of members from the subreddit, I too would like an opinion from the inside.

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How wrong of me to assume there was a connection.

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The way the win sites operate is brilliant.

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Reddit will not be the killer of free speech. As another TD fren, welcome all to the win family, exciting times ahead!