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Don't you worry about that, I knew from the word go that you were incapable of a proper discussion. I just wanted to see for how long you'd embarrass yourself.

You seem to be under the impression that I'm obligated to give a shit.

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Looks like you have nothing to say in defense of your demands for censorship, nor any of your other ridiculous claims.

You seem to be under the impression that you are entitled to a proper discussion.

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Because unlike some of these asswipes here, I've lived long enough to witness both left-wingers and right-wingers attacking gaming/entertainment through the years. There is no way I'd just trust right-wingers any better than left-wingers, especially after considering how conservatives attacked adult-oriented entertainment during the 80s (especially on porn) and adult-oriented gaming during the 2000s (hello, Jack Thompson!).

These idiots who push right-wing politics in GG have done absolutely nothing to prevent their own side from repeating history and doing the same shit again. In fact, we already saw it with Gab and Parler's porn bans, despite the fact that they emerged because American right-wingers incessantly bitched about getting censored by big tech for their political views. Same goes for NCOSE/Morality-in-Media and their support for Steam's waifu purges.

GG and KIA didn't start getting infested with politically-obsessive right-wingers who cared nothing for gaming until about 5~8 months in. Just like how a lack of gatekeeping led to the infestation of gaming-apathetic SJWs in the broader gaming community, a lack of gatekeeping in GG and KIA led to an infestation of gaming-apathetic alt-rightists in the GG community.

Parasites. All of them, man.

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You are literally a minority of 1. No one agrees with your extreme love of censorship. Not even the mods, which is why you have sunk to bashing even them for not sufficiently being fonf of censorship.

Hey, at least I'm not the dumbass that got ousted by his own KIA-sequel community after censoring them even moreso than KIA.

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Did you? I have barely ever seen you talk about that, or really anything except trying to impose more censorship on KiA.

Part of the job description involves calling out dipshits in our own ranks that try to derail it, be it covert SJW co-opters or overt alt-right co-opters.

I make no distinction between the two.

I voted for the ban on unrelated politics. But of course, you call basically everything 'politics', including attacks on free speech on college campuses.

Nice try attempting to paint as though you care about "free speech" on campus, as opposed to making colleges agree with you. I already know that accusing colleges/academia of being the original sin is a classic tactic employed by people with right-wing ideologies. You're lucky the mods here were idiotic enough to allow "campus activities" under R3.

You predictably voted against the ban on unrelated political shit because you wanted the sub to be more than just about defending gaming/entertainment. You wanted it to be about political shit in general.

Anyways, I got news for you: If the 40-year history of gaming is any indication, partisan political fuckheads have never given a shit about the free speech of gamers, regardless of whether they are liberals or conservative. With that said, why should a gamer such as myself give a shit about defending "free speech" for a partisan fuckhead like you?

What do I as a gamer have anything to gain by allying with back-stabbing politically-obsessive assholes like you?

The vote spoke for itself.

Yeah, the votes for the various vote-stackable opinion surveys that you dumbasses misinterpreted as being binding referendums on the sub. You morons should be thankful that the mods actually tried to listen to your opinions instead of doing mass-banning sprees on you for constantly trying to D&C the sub with your anti-R3 crusade.

I don't take orders from people who contribute nothing and only agitate for more censorship.


It's hilarious. It's almost as though you're saying that you yourself actually contributed anything worthwhile to the sub. Thanks for the good laugh.

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All your meta contributions that I have ever seen, have always been aimed at trying to establish more censorship, more curation, more removal of stuff that the community likes. So sitting on your own extreme of pro-censorship, you no doubt do regard anyone who doesn't like censorship as crazed by ideology.

I see no problem with this. I joined Gamergate and KIA to defend gaming from SJWs, not serve as a "culture warrior" in some right-wing political army. If I had to choose between censoring my games/entertainment and censoring your irrelevant political shit, I'll choose censoring your political shit any day of the week.

You got a problem with KIA bring a activist sub focused on protecting gaming/entertainment instead of being a broad, politically-obsessed shithole of a sub?

Get over it. Make your own community if you really want to have a politics-focused sub--oh wait, you fucked up doing just that, so you have to come crawling back here to parasitize us under the guise of representing the "popular opinion" yet again.

Get the fuck off the sub.

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'Transgender' is an ideology. You don't want people who are enthralled to such an ideology to remove comments about it. The more potential bias you avoid, including bias because of demographics, the better.

Then you might as well ban every white and/or male mod from enforcing the rules on the sub--Nearly every post that touches on race and gender in KIA is sympathetic towards whites and dudes. Or is that what you want to do? Neutering the mods' ability to police their own community so people like you can freely post off-topic political shit? Got it.

You got some fucking nerve responding to my posts with your flimsy-ass bullshit arguments. I'm far more convinced your own anti-R3 crusade-like politicking is far more befitting of being considered an "ideology " than some tranny wanting to be called a different gender than the one he was born with.

Go back to KIA2 where you crawled from.

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Bane should've probably worded it like that from the beginning.

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What the fuck? Do you prohibit black mods from enforcing R1 against people trying to incite racial violence? Do you not let pinkerbelle enforce R1 against people that say shit like "kill all women" or something? Do you require R3 removals of unrelated political posts of a right-wing variety to be done only by right-wing mods?

How the hell have you guys been enforcing the rules to begin with?

I thought "conflicts of interest" were largely based on peoples' connections and external jobs interfering with their duties, not their goddamned demographics.

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I didn't realize the word "trans" was limited to this one idiot admin. /s

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Huh? That's flimsy as fuck. That's like saying you have no right to say "it's OK to be white" if you happen to be white.

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Wait a sec, how the hell is turning KIA private a good idea if some of the admins legitimately want KIA off the site? Why would they care? If anything, you'll just embolden the hostile admins by doing this shit.

There is also something else I don't quite get: I understand that we had a dipshit admin who was giving you guys a hard time with the transgender crap, but how does being the person at the center of the UKpolitics drama make it a conflict of interest for that admin?

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So if I'm getting this straight, some British political figure-turned-admin gets dox'd over rumors of her father being a pedophile, and Reddit is shutting it down.

Soooooooooo... What did this have anything to do with KIA again?

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That reminds me, what will this site's policy be regarding NSFW content?

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I think we only have one mod making any argument to remove it as a blacklist item, and even he is only doing so because he thinks the other blacklist items and "lack of hitting whitelist" will curtail things that the blacklist item is meant to prevent in the first place.

Yeah, I'm not convinced by this argument either. You have to specify what isn't allowed to be included just as much as what must be included in a post. Otherwise, people will try to find loopholes.

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What kind of "modifications" are going to be done to R3 here? I was alright with the one you guys had in the original subreddit myself.

I sincerely hope you don't fuck with the "unrelated politics" clause and give leeway to the guys who keep claiming how every last damned political event that happens is somehow relevant to gaming/entertainment/nerd culture without even making any effort to tie such things into gaming/entertainment/nerd culture. It's blatantly obvious they want to push their own partisan crap.

You know very well that people who indulge in politics often make exceptions when it comes to respecting entertainment as free speech, especially if it involves fanservice or porn. Please don't give such assholes an inch.