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What's even better is after so long the community for the game came together to celebrate the 10th anniversary with gorgeous art like the one in the post. Really brought back memories :(

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Their unethical strategy has always been to create hype around it and push pre-orders and ban negative reviews so by the time the game comes out they get all the sales from disappointed people that just wanted a game, and call that a "success", of course when people found out it's shit they're gonna buy it less and less.

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"We shouldn't have given them time!!1!"

as if they told us, we had to find out through unverified rumors. The only public announcement they made about it was by the time all the subreddits were already banned.

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that man has the best content on youtube

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haven't played it yet but honestly can't wait, it's on my list as soon as i upgrade my rig.

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original deus ex, extremely recommended and extremely redpilled too, probably the most redpilled game I've ever played. you guys definitely should give it a try.

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you think they're loud, in reality it's not that their loud but that their "opinions" is given a platform and shown in everyone's faces while everyone who's against it is deplatformed.