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Confirmed cases are also already up, 50,000 new cases today according to them.

Unless I’m reading it wrong, I think they’re saying there are 50,000 active cases, an increase of (a still unbelievable) 4,000 from yesterday’s number of 46,000

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Just canceled my Bloodlines 2 preorder, them dropping Chris Avellone's contribution from the game was the last straw

Unless I misunderstood their statement, they said that he had left early in development and that pretty much everything he worked on had already been changed.

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I’ve got pretty much every console except the Wii U, but mostly I play PC and PS4, with Switch coming in 3rd.

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Probably posted the “dear [insert minority here], on this [day/month] that is special to you, we want you to know that we care about you. That is why we are adding your [flag/symbol] to our social media accounts and websites. Sincerely, [major brand]” meme and that was considered hateful.