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Well, looks like we are launching a bit earlier than originally planned. This site is fully functional, just a bit limited on some things as we get all the backend worked out. Our CSS is a work-in-progress due to some major differences from how reddit was set up, so that will be coming, it will just look a bit barebones until then.

For the time being we still consider reddit.com/r/kotakuinaction to be our primary site, but will be building this up as a proper backup over time. We actively encourage anyone who wants to coexist on both sites to do so, and have no issue with folks who have finally had enough of reddit's bullshit that decide to make the move here completely now.

Rules are generally going to be the same here as they were on /r/kotakuinaction, but we are thinning them out a bit as some rules no longer need to apply here due to different sitewide rules/TOS from above lifting some restrictions we had to deal with. We will try to get a more complete listing of the newly modified rules up soon, as well as get them listed/linked on the Sidebar and such. Automod is not completely operational here, but will be in the very near future to make that all a bit easier to deal with.

Please be patient with us as we get things in gear. I'll try to keep everyone updated on the progress of things, though some parts will be mostly self-evident as they happen (like the return of the banner/sidebar).

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HandofBane [S] 8 points ago +17 / -9

They made a post on their sub earlier saying T_D provoked the admins so they deserved the ban in a way.

Was that before or after a TD mod made the provably false accusation that our entire mod team was replaced with plants when david-me tried killing the sub?

I'll make clear - we had no problem with TD existing, and mostly wanted to be left to our own shit, as we were an extremely politically diverse sub, including a lot of lefties, and quite a few right wingers both in the community and on our mod team. We enjoyed being able to have complicated discussions on issues from different perspectives without either side entrenching and shutting down the other side of the conversation. We also came into the decision to set up here after lengthy talks with several of the site TD.win site admins about some of those very things.

We aren't here to try to take over, or displace anyone else. We are here to be what we always have been, with a bit more freedom to actually do what we used to do.

deleted 20 points ago +24 / -4
HandofBane [S] 4 points ago +11 / -7

Quoting what I think is the part of that you are referring to - if it's not, please correct me.

While some of those admin actions against T_D might have been illegitimate, they did show a pattern of hostility between admins and sub that we haven't experienced recently

That statement is ambiguous enough to place the hostility at the feet of both parties, it's not stating anything about provoking. I fully understand mods getting annoyed at inconsistencies from the reddit admins, I've had to deal with that shit on a regular basis since I was first hired on as a mod at KiA back in mid-2015, and it only escalated in some ways after I became head mod in mid-late 2016. I also have direct experience in dealing with both hostility from some admins, and getting actual almost-friendly cooperation from other admins because we all stepped back to look at the broader picture from their view as well as our own on some issues.

That clearly is going to be a lot harder on more firmly established political lines when it's blatantly obvious most reddit admins are in deep blue San Francisco, and are going to carry over TDS in many of the interactions with TD itself.

My reference to the one TD mod making a false accusation was a very specific incident right around when they were having their "admin approved mod replacement" mess happen, when one of their mods (not sure if he was active or had been forcefully removed) made the accusation of the KiA mod team being entirely replaced with admin plants during the david incident. We got that ironed out to a degree with the site admins here during our discussions leading up to where we are now - it's not a view held by all or even most TD mods, just one guy expressing his view based on faulty information in a very public way... that happened to sour the view from a lot of our mods on chances of maintaining neutrality towards TD itself.

AnguisViridis 2 points ago +4 / -2

Glad to see you here.

zekin 14 points ago +14 / -0

There's some antifa and communist trolls who have flooded to TD to discredit it, if some people are openly hostile and wearing the banner of TD just ignore 'em.

Welcome! I hope this platform serves you well, and I hope some shitlords don't get you down.

We're all here in favor of free speech, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Throwawaycuzmeh 6 points ago +9 / -3

It's comical to imagine you could ever take over .win.

Anyways, the left has lost its fucking mind, so it's no surprise that censorship was necessary to "balance" the discussion on Kia.

Killroyomega 5 points ago +8 / -3

we were an extremely politically diverse sub, including a lot of lefties, and quite a few right wingers both in the community and on our mod team.

At one point you were, then all the right-wingers were forced out. I don't understand how you can still claim to be right-wing when all your opinions and actions are that of a hardcore social leftist?

We enjoyed being able to have complicated discussions on issues from different perspectives without either side entrenching and shutting down the other side of the conversation. 

Also no.

You personally shut down discussion after discussion because you didn't like where it was heading or because someone made an argument you didn't like. That's not counting all the threads and potential threads that died because of the hard enforcement of "games/media only" to the point where even posts about media attacks on Pewdiepie were removed.

People have very little faith in your modlist and expect that you will continue to allow your mods to act free of their own rules, to shut down meaningful conversations, and to hard push leftist social ideology while pretending you aren't.