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Oh I read it, I just don't believe you.

Why should I or anyone else when you've lied about it multiple times?

It doesn't take weeks to sort out, btw. You could do it in an hour if you so choose.

You just don't want to.

Here's how this is gonna go: you're gonna kick the can down the road for a week while slowly tightening up enforcement, then make a post about how you're working on it and are listening to feedback, then a week later you're going to make some half-assed change no one wanted or asked for but pushes everything further into being a regressive leftist's dream.

Oh, here's a little tip for you bud.

When you have a reputation for being a fuckup and a liar, put your money where your mouth is and act BEFORE you talk mad shit.

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Even under your new rules stuff like the media attacks against Pewdiepie would be banned content. You even hard ban BLM discussion, which as we watch every company in existence commit millions of dollars to "diversity" efforts couldn't be more relevant.

You guys are out of your damn minds with how ban happy you are.

Just let people talk about what they want to talk about with a focus on games and media.

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Just don't talk bad about Israel, say that Trump needs to stop abandoning his white base in favor of blacks that will never vote for him, defame Jared Kushner, etc.

Also you have at most one week here for the illusion of free speech before mods go back to removing half the content for being off-topic, harassing users and breaking their own "dickwolf" rule, and generally hating their userbase with a vigorous passion.

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we were an extremely politically diverse sub, including a lot of lefties, and quite a few right wingers both in the community and on our mod team.

At one point you were, then all the right-wingers were forced out. I don't understand how you can still claim to be right-wing when all your opinions and actions are that of a hardcore social leftist?

We enjoyed being able to have complicated discussions on issues from different perspectives without either side entrenching and shutting down the other side of the conversation. 

Also no.

You personally shut down discussion after discussion because you didn't like where it was heading or because someone made an argument you didn't like. That's not counting all the threads and potential threads that died because of the hard enforcement of "games/media only" to the point where even posts about media attacks on Pewdiepie were removed.

People have very little faith in your modlist and expect that you will continue to allow your mods to act free of their own rules, to shut down meaningful conversations, and to hard push leftist social ideology while pretending you aren't.