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It wasn't a real muscular woman though. They used someones likeness and then attached a bunch of extra muscles to her in a way that was completely unrealistic.

It's Naughty Dog in this case that doesn't how to deal with a muscular woman. They couldn't just leave her as scanned which was pretty fucking buff already. That that wasn't good enough is pretty misogynistic on their part.

Amusing trash clickbait to push blatant misogyny from the devs on to the gamers that actually called them out.

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Zuck keeps floating between based and cucked. But in this case, those "500" advertisers are distributed across their company owners and agencies in such a way that they're aren't actually halting advertising. Just doing a behind the scenes shuffle to make it look like it to get woke bucks.

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People who use that term "man baby" piss me off. It's so indicative of someone in their fresh early 20's without a fully formed frontal cortex that thinks they're a mature adult. It's amusing when they hit their 30's and realize being grown up means that it's okay to be emotional and have opinions on things.

"When I got old, I set aside my childish things, including the notion of childish things." (quote paraphrased)

Nothing screams "I'm a fucking child" more than raging on people for being emotional or having opinions that aren't what's currently approved by NPR and the woke college kid gang.

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I was actually expecting the CTH faggots would be setting one up. That must be a cognitive dissonant shock that the "fascists" they hate want to host their speech and the "kind tolerant" people they love want to ban them from being heard. I imagine quite a few of them are struggling with coming to terms with that right now.

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Basically jannie drama, old-style blackjack and hookers story after the jannies went full West Side Story in the parking lot one day.

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Luckily they're both close to 200 hours if you do all the side content and stuff so despite leaving a hole, you certainly get to spent plenty of time with them.

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Am I too paranoid thinking this is one of those commie website journalists trying to mine for "proof" that gamergate was some kind of alt-right recruitment drive?

I probably am.

It was the event that heavily changed my politics and worldview though. After watching an entire political spectrum on the left that I thought I belonged to outright lie as a coordinated group, it made me start being way more critical of them and made me start exploring that "meany right wing" stuff that I figured they were lying about now. They sure were.

Seeing that the right was for more tolerant of open expression and free speech, my core ideology got shook pretty hard and it was a rough short time of cognitive dissonance.

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Almost finished up with Xenoblade Chronicles, the remaster/remake/whatever/don'tcaretoopedantic on the Switch. First time playing it. Shorter than the second one, clocked in around 110 hours or so. Quite enjoyed it. Rockin' music and fun exploration. Overall not quite as good as 2, but has some features it wins out on like fashion customization and the affinity charts for towns/areas. Probably about 5 or 10 more hours and I'll be finished up with the extra story that came with it. Thought it'd just be a cutscene or two but it's a whole area with scenes/quests/sidequests/all that.

Also playing Rabi Ribi, a solid metroidvania where you play as a cleavage bunny girl with an underboob loli fairy companion and fight waifus. Weeb as fuck, but pretty fun metroidvania/touhou-like bullet hell combination.

Not quite sure what to play after I'm done with Xenoblade. Nothing's really popping out in my Steam library. Was thinking of finally digging into LOTRO. I'm one of those mmo players that primary enjoys the quests and exploration and solo play, so it's pretty much perfect for that.

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Ye Ye.

Gonna give this place a chance though, at least until we move over here. I'm hoping their community and mods and merge happily here getting the band back together, that'd be pretty neato since the issues that forced them apart won't be an issue here, but I expect not.

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Mostly just usual internet drama. Kia wanted to be way more restrictive about posts, made a poll to see how restrictive they should be, and then went against what the users voted for and got all restrictive anyways. Lots of users were unhappy and formed Kia2.

They're a lot less restrictive (and more active) so it's way more general culture-war stuff compared to Kia-prime which sticks largely to video games and things tangential to video games. The mods for the most part disagree on moderation and what Kia should be, so I expect we'll have two different .win sites as well.

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Most of the Kia2 folks are planning on coming over sooner than later. I'm not sure if they're going to keep their own blackjack and hookers with a kia2.win or rejoin the fold now that (hopefully) there's less excuse for the iron-fisted (and understandable) moderation and removals. I tend to hang out over there more since they're more active and a bit more general, but I'd love to see the band get back together again.