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I have 10 hours in before giving up I bc just didjt find the gameplay fun.

That said, after the first hour I don't think I noticed much about the environment anymore. Its so bright, gaudy, and plastered with colors that your brain tunes out the noise without thinking.

Its certainly not for kids but I don't think you're going to notice the scenery after the novelty period ends. Its like walking through a party supply store - there's so much visual noise that you don't register much of it. You just go buy what you need and ignore everything else

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It also feels lonely, hallow, and gives zero "enjoyment" for completing a task. No incentive to move ahead or keep playing.

Also your phone rings constantly and you can't decline to answer. Who the fuck wants a game where their cell phone is ringing 5-6 times per hour?

I bought it knowing the risk and was fine with bugs bc it's so delayed. But I had no idea it wouldn't be fun. Its actually never crossed my mind or been an issue until cyberpunk.

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I’ve worked at numerous investment and commercial banks and employees having TikTok to begin with should send huge red flags to Risk and Compliance.

These are companies where you can never leave a laptop, or even papers, out in the open. Even while at the office, you have to put everything away if you walk away or take it with you.

Employees downloading social media onto work devices should be an immediate termination. This person doesn’t possess the intelligence and forethought required to secure firm/client information and achieve firm objectives.

This isn’t wells’ money they’re working with, its client money and client trading data. I’m honestly astonished they weren’t fired immediately for installing that on work phones.

I’ve seen people fired for taking photos in the office. Finance is extremely regulated and protective of data.

Another demonstration why WF continually misses goals and gets hit hard by regulators. They are seriously Busch league finance

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Watching their Frankenstein destroy them is immensely satisfying.

I think there’s another awards show coming up, they’ll all be sure to sing the diversity song for the audience while knowing full well it’s destroying their own livelihoods.

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I’d like to try one but can’t find anywhere that lets you demo the units. I’m not going to just fork over $500 on my best guest of which one I’d like to use best. The fact you have to buy sight unseen leads me to believe they aren’t very good.

If the product was sellable, they’d have it proudly for customers to try. Every store I’ve gone to has denied me the ability to try one.

I would use it mostly for sim racing but even there, people with rigs are going back to using monitor setups.

Each time I get excited and look to buy VR, there’s a lot of negativity around it. The games aren’t that great, the people don’t use them for very long and go back to monitors, and again nobody has a demo setup to try the damn thing before you buy it.

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100%. Studios went from talented game developers creating fun things to data nerds who make game adjustment based on tableau visuals.

Even if you get a game that’s awesome, the data nerds will fuck it up in a few months. They’ll change the TTK, remove the maps you liked, remove the game mode you liked, they refuse to let a game live. If they’re not changing it they can’t justify their jobs.

The absolute bullshit with AAA console titles like Battlefield 5 and COD are why I quit console entirely and went to PC. Consoles possess the dumbest developers and customers I’ve ever seen in my life. Going from console to PC is like leaving a preschool day care and going to a country club.

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When I’d buy NES and SNES games in the late 80s and early 90s they were $60-$70. Back then a McDonald’s combo meal was $3, you could buy a pop for 50 cents, and a bag of chips was 35 cents.

35 years later, In 2020 video games are still $60. A McDonald’s combo meal is $9, a pop is $1.25, and chips are $1.00.

The price of everything has pretty much tripled in 40 years but games remain the same. Adjusted for inflation they are the cheapest they’ve ever been since becoming mass produced.

It’s amazing how people bitch about them costing too much. They literally get cheaper every year.

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These aren’t normal people or entertainers though, these are Max Woke.

They don’t have a sense of humor about anything. Wouldn’t surprise me if people ended up penalized for daring to not suck the BLM knob

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Sounds like black propaganda garbage. Only reason I have epic was bc CIV VI free give away.

No problems walking away from this BLM bullshit. Keep your fuckin game

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I would say that disengaging from Twitch and social media was probably beneficial to his mental health.

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Enjoy this statement written by AI, it includes the usual meaningless tropes:

Shocked and Saddened
Listening and committed
Stronger, safer

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I think WWI was less complex than that article. I don’t know who you nerds are or what you’re about, but happy you’ve joined us.

Enjoy your gamin!

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Where the stranger factions meet in the woods and decide they're friends

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This is like that one scene in braveheart

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It's along the right sidebar. There are just a few.

Edit: It's on desktop - the mobile site doesnt have sidebar