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You guys will get there as we did! My favorite part about being off Reddit is I can bring some of my spicier content back (on T_D at least) and make/post memes that really get under the skin. My other favorite thing is we can have spicy ban messages again. Not sure if you guys ever did on KiA, but the admins got their panties in a bunch over some of our spicier ban messages a few times. It always feels good to tell some ShareBlue shill that Islam is Right About Women or attach a picture of a dump truck full of dicks or even just calling someone a faggot as you ban them again. With sites like .win, we will soon bring the internet into a second golden age!

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Civ 5 and CKII. I’m finally going to buy the last CKII DLCs I need during this steam sale, which is exciting. I had most of the “essential” ones for awhile but I hear Holy Fury is a must have and there’s a decent bundle with the rest so I’m biting the bullet!

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Welcome, KIAfrens. Glad to see you here. KIA was one of my first steps on the road to redpilling, so I'll be forever grateful for that. Make no mistake, Reddit is coming for you too, as they have came for us today. They're already soft filtering .win links (lol). Enjoy your new space!