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When you're a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. When you're an Antifa-supporter, every opponent looks like a fascist.

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It was a simple, but apparently quite effective, message. The reds are quite fragile.

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Other projects have been raped to death by CoCs. I fear the same will happen here.

If Linus is somehow removed from the foundation, it will lead to the complete downfall of the kernel.

Sure, it could be forked into a new project, but then that's going to be further confusing to normies, companies, etc. that barely understand what Linux is.

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Haha, oh wow, it was removed! Because I'm still logged in, I still see it. But when I checked through another browser (where I'm not logged into Reddit), it says it was removed by [a] moderator!

Simply amazing. Guess it must've really wounded Spez getting called a fag by a lesbian! ๐Ÿ˜

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SJWs getting offended on others' behalf is getting so tiresome.

It reminds me of the "controversy" over Scarlett Johansson playing the Major in the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie. Westerners got all offended over it, saying it's whitewashing, erasing Asians, cultural appropriation, etc.

But, someone actually questioned a bunch of people in Japan about it. They pretty much all thought she was a good pick, because she's a good actress, she's attractive, etc.


Plus, the whole thing about GitS was about how disconnected one's soul is from the body when the body can be replaced by a mechanical one (Motoko had even switched bodies multiple times throughout the various manga and anime series). It had even been mentioned how she'd use a "standard issue" body. Which, for all we know, could look "white". At least at one point (in the manga), she had swapped to a male cybernetic body. ... But, that would require them to understand the setting, rather than just whine, wouldn't it?

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Okay, let's look up the person who came up with this on Twitter...

Oh no, her profile icon is a human with deer ears and antlers... And the bio...


Every. Single. Time. I've yet to meet a single "they/them" who isn't completely disconnected from reality and isn't a total narcissist.

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TikTok is a societal disease.

I mean, that's social media in general, but TikTok is a bit special in this regard.

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Meanwhile Manga is outselling US comics exponentially, IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. Readers know why. Publishers seem blind to it.

One of the top selling manga in America is My Hero Academia. Which, in itself, is heavily influenced by Western media and comics (the way All Might was always shaded darker than everyone, many of the locations named after Star Wars locations, etc).

It isn't that Westerners are tied of "capeshit", it's that they want a return to good art and storytelling. They want characters that are fleshed out, and not just some one-dimensional "diversity" check box.

Marvel and DC should feel ashamed that they're not selling MHA numbers.

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What do you get when you cross a country and industry that's mostly white people with an insane amount of white guilt and anti-white racism?

You get what you fucking deserve.

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Could've been done on purpose by the devs, either for supportive or nefarious reasons.

Could be that the devs hate this virtue signaling as well, but had to go along with it. So, they snuck it in so players could show their disdain for in-game blatant propaganda.

Or it could've been added there by a woke dev, so they could help the "gamers are toxic/racist" narrative.

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Frankly, it's a scary state of affairs. In America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, countless people feel scared and not free to speak their minds. And it's mainly due to how converged online communication is filtered through a select few platforms: primarily Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

If you dare have the "wrong" opinion about a controversial subject (hint: it's called "controversial" because there isn't a unanimous opinion), the woke mob will try their damnedest to find where you live, where you work, and try to destroy you in every way short of outright killing you.

The only people truly free from this fear are the super rich like Notch, Elon Musk, and JK Rowling. They don't really have to worry about the Twitter mob because there's nothing they can do to hurt these people. Maybe it's because they realize that, at the end of the day, Twitter does not reflect the real world. Notch is set for life from the Microsoft buyout, Tesla cars are still gonna sell, and whatever book Rowling writes next will sell like crazy (or the licensing fees from Harry Potter movies/games/etc keep rolling in).

I don't even like Rowling, but I'm glad to see she isn't giving in to the vitriol constantly lobbed at her from people who may finally read another book.

As the woke purity test gets harder and harsher, more and more people are going to check out from it as the movement's cannibalism continues. However, I feel it'll get worse before it gets better. More people are going to lose their jobs because of a tweet they said 10 years ago, or whatever. More people are going to be pressured into suicide. I just wonder how long it'll take before companies realize they need to ignore the Twitter mob, too.

I just hope things don't get too much worse for society...

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The only experience I've had with modern VR tech was a few years ago when I went to PAX Prime... A booth setup there had a VR system setup with a Fruit Ninja-like game. Swinging around a toy sword and slicing virtual fruits coming at me. It was pretty cool!

Aside from that, I haven't bought any commercial VR headset yet. Waiting for the tech to get cheaper and better before I dive in. However, I do think there's promise with VR, and that it isn't just a fad.

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To people in Pao's mindset, it's more about looking good than actually doing good.

Doing good requires actual effort. It could inconvenience you, or even put your livelihood at risk. Reporting sexual abuse to the police/feds? That could cost you some connections!

But looking good? That doesn't really require any effort! After Epstein and Maxwell were arrested, then it's safe to say you knew what was going on!

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This person seems mentally unstable. Bipolar, maybe? I dunno. Either way, the replies...

You threatened a woman and her kid and wished death on her parents

Unless there was another twit not included, I'm not seeing that? The twits that Laura blanked out all had different avatars, so they weren't from the same account. Though, about the intelligence I expect from the average bluecheck.

This doesn't excuse your actions

Remember, apologies are never good enough, even when it is something you should apologize for (telling someone they should die).

Laura accepted the apology... Ya know, like how a mature adult should act. People can stop white knighting for her now...

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I believe /pol/ tried to turn the pride flag into a hate symbol (the color stripes are all separate but equal, and not blending together), but it didn't catch on.

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