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They're panicking. They never thought that someone would take that 'if you don't like it, built your own' trite crap seriously. Now they have a competitor that's taking huge bites out of their user base, and they're trying to suppress info on it.

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Can confirm. This is pretty much what happened to me, and it opened my eyes to what the media was doing.

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TheDonald.win has been under pretty constant DDoS attack since it's public announcement, and the mass exodus from The_Donald. They've been weathering it pretty well. I figure they're acting like a lightning rod, taking the brunt of the attacks for the smaller .wins that open up. It's good to see KiA getting their own .win, but it is kinda small potatoes compared to TheDonald.win. Not as likely to draw as much ire.

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This on top of their minis growing ever more and more expensive.

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Gamergate, and it's predecessor, the Hold The Line movement from the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle, was an eye opener for me on just how crooked, corrupt, and incestuous the gaming media was. And later the mainstream media complex as a whole too. It honestly came as a big surprise initially, seeing gaming media turn on gamers like that, especially after the much earlier Jack Thompson mess, where the gaming media gleefully worked with gamers to lambast him.