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That’s sad, though I’m part of the problem cause I totally forgot abojt it a while ago.

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Good for them for actually making the diverse product they always screech about.

If I’m not the target audience, that’s fine, we can have niche games. I’m sure, statistically, SOMEONE has to enjoy this. Maybe.

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And just to be clear, because I don’t know much about 3d printing.

The kind of people who would pay literal thousands of dollars for a hobby are also the same kind of people who would just buy a 3d printer, yes?

It’s not that ‘not everyone owns a 3d printer so GW will be fine’, it’s that GW’s core market are exactly the kind of people who would buy a 3d printer?

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The facts that you can’t see posts without logging in is why I agree with him. Yes it’s better than twitter and facebook, but it’s basically a quarantined section of the internet. The only people who can see posts are those who on some level agree with Parler as a free speech zone, so all these cancelled people who moved to Parler are preaching to the converted. Their ideals are locked behind the parler wall and can only be spread through screenshots.

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Yeah, I don’t really get it either.

It’s like when people complain when gas keeps going up every year but, supposedly, when adjusted for inflation it’s been pretty consistent in price.

Though I 100% agree when consumers say ‘you want game development to cost less? Stop putting so much of your budget into non-gameplay things like graphics’

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Furries, pedos, porn, and rp (usually erotic rp)

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People who say that are misunderstanding the ‘planet of hats’ criticism.

It’s not lazy to say ‘this race is evil’. The skaven come to mind from warhammer fantasy. 100% evil. They will never take responsibility for failure. They will always backstab others the second it becomes in their best intrest. They’re built AROUND being evil, there have complex clan structures and internal politics, them being evil is the basis from which everything else happens.

It’d only be lazy if they had no lore or backstory or personality. Kinda like zombies if there’s no background commentary on them.

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Bruh, that’s fucking rough.

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Plus the Mods at TheDonald have said things to the effect of ‘we can’t keep introducing new .wins one after another, we need to give new ones time to settle and grow, that way there isn’t a ton of dead communities like other reddit clones.’

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On the face of it, I see nothing wrong with this post. They didn’t mention BLM, they didn’t call their fanbase a bunch of nazi’s, and they acknowledged that we all like the Imperium of Man, but we all know that isn’t some ideal to strive for...



When was the last time the White Scars did anything of note? Remember how the Tallarn desert raiders got dropped? We all want more salamander love but you won’t give it to us!! Stop putting black people in the worst chapter Ultramarines and give us some real, actual diversity!

It’s ridiculous, man. One of the most expansive universes in sci-fi, plenty of room for glorifying EVERY aspect of humanity, but all GW gives us is the same 5 or so factions, all of which are mostly white so they’re gonna only add diversity into those 5 factions that have already been done to death.

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It’s probably a game you’ll only beat once because of how the combat works, and it’s SUPER unhistorical in terms of the story and how Roman’s actually fight, but the aesthetic of the game is phenomenal

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I believe Hello Games said they’ll be pumping out smaller content updates for that game every month or so, so there’s a LOT of new features to try out.

No Man’s Sky is probably one of the best examples of a bad game turning great thanks to a dedicated development team.

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I picked up Ryse: Son of Rome again.

There’s just something so magical about bringing the light of civilization to the vile, disgusting, sub-humans of briton

Shame the game didn’t do well. I always thought it was fun

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Wait for an official release from the mod teams before you join these .win's. Because the username and passwords are the same across all .win's, there's the worry that some sites are fake and will try to steal your accounts.

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Thank. Christ this site is finally here. It's basically the only one I missed after leaving reddit for good.